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A Fukushima on the Hudson?


A Fukushima on the Hudson?

Ellen Cantarow, Alison Rose Levy

It was a beautiful spring day and, in the control room of the nuclear reactor, the workers decided to deactivate the security system for a systems test. As they started to do so, however, the floor of the reactor began to tremble. Suddenly, its 1,200-ton cover blasted flames into the air. Tons of radioactive radium and graphite shot 1,000 meters into the sky and began drifting to the ground for miles around the nuclear plant. The first firemen to the rescue brought tons of water that would prove useless when it came to dousing the fires.


Generations of activists have been trying without success to shut down these two nuclear power plants. New York State is trying to shut them down. Even if the risk of a nuclear core meltdown disaster is quite low the chance it could happen is too great to take in such a highly populated area. Hillary Clinton lives just a few miles outside of the 10-mile evacuation zone. Certainly she should be calling for shutting down the plants since she is so familiar with living on a daily basis with this potential danger that they pose to her and Bill and the other 20 million inhabitants of the NY metro area. ..


Excellent article. It mentions this... but here's more data on Florida also wrestling with this insanity:


The issue is whether these two particular nuclear power plants which are old and located in the midst of the largest metropolitan area of the US should be shut down. I don't see why she shouldn't join Governor Cuomo and call for Indian Point 2 and 3 nuclear power plants to be shut down to eliminate the possibility of a nuclear core meltdown accident.. Granted this is a controversial issue. There are real concerns about how the energy for electricity would be replaced and whether electricity rates would go up. And Cuomo's idea of using natural gas to replace the plants doesn't seem very good. I think it would have to done without increasing carbon emissions. It is not a simple issue but these plants should be shut down as soon as possible.


Not for lack of trying.