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A Gang of Wolves Comes for Greece


A Gang of Wolves Comes for Greece

Duncan Cameron

The election of an anti-austerity Syriza government in Greece signalled trouble for the powers-that-be in the European Union. Principally Germany which has no interest in rethinking how the EU operates, since it serves German interests so well, but also the most powerful European institution: the European Central Bank (ECB).


Don’t buy any paper maps now, there will be re-identification as Greece becomes Goldman Sachsistan.



Bullchit! They never do it like that. The money mob sends in the hitmen first. First, Phil “the LandGrabber” Halsberg lands in his private Gulfstream Jet that Goldman Sacks of Chit gave him, and demands the country sign over all resources to him. After they refuse, A convenient Civil War breaks out with the millions of weapons somebody flew in, and Phil starts negotiating with the new Southern Greece Administration that he put in power (like AL Jazeer documented on the new country of Southern Sudan on their TV show a few years ago.)

It’s funny how well it worked out for Phil. All the people living on top of the oil rich land Halsberg wanted, got driven off by terrorists. Talk about lucky timing for Goldman and Hitmen!


LOL. Let’s hope not!


Yep , that is how they work. The protestors in the Ukraine were funded by fiananciers in the west just as happens in Venezuela and Bolivia and Libya and Syria.

The media then falls all over itself trying to get out stories of atrocities committed by the Government in power and the need to help people to be “free of tyranny”.


My friends, please read today’s club orlov. He’s got it covered and he’s funny too. And you can turn off fox-cnn-npr forever (I hope you already have).


No surprise that the EU broke off negotiations as soon as the Greek government announced it would refer the decision to the voters. Democracy is the real enemy as far as the oligarchs are concerned. It is surprising, however, that the USG appears so passive in this crisis. Could that be because a united and prosperous Europe is perceived as a threat to its hegemony?

As the Stratfor boss let slip in a recent speech, he sees the ultimate threat to U.S. global dominance as a partnership between Germany and Russia. If disrupting and then bailing out Ukraine was the first step in preventing this possibility, weakening the German dominated EU may be the second. Or maybe there’s no grand plan at work here at all, just good old greed.


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