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'A Giant Step' Toward Humane Healthcare as Democrats Announce First-Ever Hearings on Medicare for All


'A Giant Step' Toward Humane Healthcare as Democrats Announce First-Ever Hearings on Medicare for All

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an essential and historic step toward developing a humane, effective, and universal solution to America's for-profit healthcare crisis, Rep.


“Hearings” is so emblematic of the Dems. Write a law. Pass the House. Get something done.


Will this be yet another Lucy yanking the football away from Charlie Brown moment? That’s what the Democrats do when in power. And let us see how they vote on Pay/Go. Everything is DOA if they vote for PayGo.


Really people? Pelosi’s permission with Jayapal leading the charge to develop a watered-down HR 676 based on S. 1804? The result is easily predictable: A POS bill that will allow Dems to claim “Medicare for All” which easily fits into Tweet.

Doesn’t anybody recall Lucy pulling the football from Charlie Brown?

PS: Notice, Jaypal already concedes that this won’t be now, but a part of the 2020 Dim Platform.


Any bill that doesn’t get the non-value-adding insurance cartels out from between patients and their doctors is a fraud—at best!—and deserves to fail.



Who got Lucy/Charlie first :-))))?



I believe that was Charles Schulz… :wink: But as you clearly know, it is the perfect metaphor for the Democrats.
I tried to make the smiley face after my ellipses but it would not show up.


Strategically, holding Medicare For All until 2020 elections is a huge(anti-)trump card.
Clearly, sadly, the priority is winning the WH and Senate back.
–then, perhaps…


But of course if they “hold everything back” while they are in power now, they will lose just like they did in 2010. But of course that is the plan all along. The Kabuki theater will never end in the USA when it comes to the two corporate oligarch parties. And the people will dutifully step up and vote for their team of choice. Idiots one and all.


If this is still the one that make our taxes pay the insurance companies, I’m against it all the way. It’s only a gift to insurance and it wipes out the current medicare system all together where medicare pays providers.


Don’t touch medicare unless it’s expanding the current medicare.

They want to get rid of the current medicare all together - which pays providers, and create one that only pays insurance companies.

The dems have been sold out to the health insurance industry for at least 4 decades that I can remember.

It was already exposed the first time Bernie told us what he was going to do, he’s been talking out both sides of his mouth and hiding everything except that he needs to “get rid of the current medicare” since. No they need to expand medicare not replace it with this crap.


In Canada Tommy Douglas is considered the father of our National Health Care system. The RCMP spied on him , monitored his phone calls, sent agents to his speeches and linked him to Communists for years. Some 40 years later , they still refuse to release the files they have on him as they deem it an issue of “National Security”.

Now just think on that a moment. A person advocating universal health care is deemed “a national security risk”. The mindset of the people who implemented this surveillance is difficult for anyone to grasp but it reflects the nature of the Corporate State. Anything that might impact the profits of Corporations , even if it for the greater good of the people is seen as a threat to National security.

I suggest much the same goes on in the USA today.


Fe.9-13 are the NNU dates to organize for Expanded, Improved Medicare For All, HR 676. We are getting the ball rolling here in Vermont and we are specifically out to reach seniors who are being bombarded with so many lies. We are going to explain how an expanded and _improved_system will benefit them more than what they currently have: No more co-pays and deductibles, includes eye and dental care and based on our actual income and the savings will be considerable as the profit motive will be gone. Medicare patients will also get to stay with their doctors. This is the only equitable and dignified plan out there.

How are we going to pay for it–listen to the economist Robert Pollin:

For resources:


The following documentary has been shown all over the US:



“This will ensure that Medicare for All is part of the 2020 Democratic presidential platforms,” said Rep. Pramila Jayapal, who will sponsor the House Medicare for All bill"


Exactly. Cover everyone with what is known, faults and all.

Medicare as it exists expanded to everyone, cradle to grave.

Everyone has medicare first. Then talk about improvements.

What you see is what you get. Medicare for all.


That I would vote for and donate to.


‘Medicare For All’ is not the same thing as ‘Health Care For All’…it will take a while for this to sink in. Like in too late to realize we have been had … again.


Holistic doctors need to be part of the equation . Very hard to find one that covers you under current system. Big pharma is all about drugs for everything that all have side effects. When you watch T.V. drugs companies own the air ways – Ask you dr. if you need this drug or that drug-- which also may cause this or that.


They don’t seem to have a plan for implementation. It is a great slogan, but as theysay, the devil is in the details. After a Medicare for All Bill is passed, then what?


Medicare as it stands is very inadequate. Many seniors forego care because they cannot afford the co-pays and deductibles. I have a friend, a nurse to boot, who recently fell and suffered a bad concussion and did not go to the ER because she just did not have the money for co-pays let alone the $500 deductible just to walk through the ER door. Also, medicare as is does NOT cover eye and dental which are critical to seniors. No, we can and shall do better by everyone–why would you resist this? No one will loose their medicare–they will have it improved!