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A Gift to Rich Families Like His, Trump's Push to Repeal Estate Tax Denounced as 'Shameful'


A Gift to Rich Families Like His, Trump's Push to Repeal Estate Tax Denounced as 'Shameful'

Julia Conley, staff writer

In President Donald Trump's sales pitch for his newly-unveiled tax plan on Wednesday, he told a crowd in Indianapolis that the proposal includes "historic tax relief" for middle-income Americans. But a key tenet of the plan is the repeal of the estate tax, which would only offer a tax break to the wealthiest Americans. A group of millionaires are among those speaking out against the repeal.


DJT and his devil-spawn trash tribe are our nation’s necrotizing fasciitis and left untreated, will leave no life left in their wake. They are grabbing the spoils while they can with never-before-seen hubris without looking back…no conscience, no shame, and outright thievery. Congress (and their co-partners, the Cabinet) is/are complicit thus giving the despot and his flying monkeys their implicit blessings and free rein to carry on.


And yet we outnumber them and if we could only see and muster the courage we can throw monkey wrenches in their designs: Total, non cooperation, mass actions at every turn.


The “spoils” inherent in being president of the US and all the doors that are opened to myriad “business” opportunities…legal and illegal around the world. He believes that as president, anything he or his devil spawn covet can be had/become theirs. He is not just protecting “his own property” by any stretch of the imagination.


Patriotic Millionaires…, can you be patriotic and be a millionaire at the same time? The vow to poverty as catholic nuns do, renouncing the right to individual ownership, and as successful communes do. Maybe a patriotic vow to poverty makes more sense, more real. If Americans made a patriotic vow to poverty, Trump would still be under his slimy cold rock, along with all the rest of his freeking slimy creature-ie slimy thingies cohorts, and dotards.


Lol, Sea, pretty good! I dunno what state you live in, but I’m curious what your esteemed congresscreeps say back to you when you send them something as “plain truth” as this post!


I don’t think we know how much the 0.01% pay now in taxes … guessing 0 - 25%.
Wealth has its privilege.


When I send my comments to the Senators and my district House Rep, I tone down the acrimony but not the intent of the message. In the past I have asked for responses, now I click the “no response” box because the past responses have been full of BS, condescension and lame excuses. And Rep. C. McMorris-Rogers incorporated bible verses in her responses, which were annoying. But I enjoy irritating her knowing that her staffers are the ones actually reading and responding to comments.


We’re opposites. I used to be polite or diplomatic. Not any more. I’m pretty much saying what I think but avoiding profanity. Maybe that’s next, I dunno. Bs is an understatement for what I get back, and I confess it gets under my skin. Maybe you’ve even noticed that I’m doing more ad hominem or snarky posts than in years past. I’m just really sick of stoopid and find it harder and harder to be patient with people who are willfully ignorant and who therefore hurt other people (with their votes). [A total tangent: I’m learning a lot more about India’s modern history, and now I’m not so sure I think Ghandi was all that right…:worried: Maybe I’m being influenced by my frustration and fears about our descent into fascism/Nazism.]

Bible verses? Have none of these nitwits ever heard of separation of church and state? Granted there’s a lot of ambiguity in the demarcation(s) and even more hypocrisy. Moore’s win in Alabama turned my stomach inside out.