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A Glimmer of Hope for Syria


A Glimmer of Hope for Syria

Robert Parry

Despite all the ranting from armchair-warriors across Official Washington – urging attacks on the Syrian military and even Russian warplanes inside Syria – cooler heads may have finally prevailed with Secretary of State John Kerry agreeing to a formula that will let Iran participate in Syrian peace talks set to begin Friday in Geneva.


I hope Parry is right but wonder if Obama is as far from the neo-cons and their 'liberal' doppelgangers as he'd like to believe. After all, if the U.S. backed coup in the Ukraine wasn't done with Obama's support, why is Victoria Nuland still the Assistant Secretary of State?

On edit: Just saw this - U.S. sticks to demand Assad leave power at first peace talks to include Iran


The Congress just approved another $10 Billion more, or so, for the DoD budget; after ObombAll threatened a veto, just the week before. That buys 15 months of small scale, internecine snafuing. He's not giving an inch on this insanity. He's dropping this pile on the someone else's desk. More guns, more butter, more guns, more butter.... just another military matinee. Grab the popcorn and pull up a chair.


Maybe he doesn't want to pick a public fight with the neocons. There is evidence to suggest that the neocons have been routed on Middle East policy. Certainly the recent actions have swung back to favour US (not Israeli) interests. So now Iran has come in from the cold, Russia, is naughty to be sure, but they're sharing the same aims and vocabulary.

Of course there is embarrassment that under US anti ISIS operations for the past 18 months ISIS has flourished significantly in numbers, wealth, military and propaganda reach whereas when Putin steps in he all but wipes them out in under 2 weeks.


Looks like Russia finally stepped in and stopped the Empire, plain and simple. Syria was part of the US/Israel's plan to overthrow the MidEast one country at a time. Obama will punt to Hillary and the plan will probably continue in full force. Hope I'm wrong.


Again RT provides aid in attempting to understand international events.



"President Barack Obama has been part of the problem, too, as he has bent to the “regime change” demands of “liberal interventionists” and their close cousins, the neoconservatives."


That is "neoliberal interventionists" and the close cousins the "conservatives".


War crimes trials will have to take place.
No mercy for those who wilfully kill or arrange for people to be killed. Justice must be seen to be done.


I see you are buying Russian a.k.a Putin cognitive dissonance propaganda shtick, good for Putin! State money spent on RT news and alike are paying off.


I see you're buying domestic neo-con bullshit.

Good for fertilizer only comrade!


Black and white techniques go only so far. Your choice is either Putin bullshit or neo con bullshit? Clearly both are bullshit you bought the first one I do not subscribe to either.


The coup was clearly done with U.S. planning and support.

That's just the facts.



You are free to believe that state department is capable of creating protests on the scale of hundreds of thousands who are willing to get killed based on a murky phone call. I find it a conspiratorial flavor big lie propaganda shtick.
Massive revolutions, Syria or Ukraine are not the exceptions, happen to overthrow dictatorial regimes not to please a state department employee. Someone can take advantage of this and use it to it's own agenda but that is another story.


I hope you're young. Being naive really isn't appropriate when you're older.


Now I am not sure who is doing propaganda. Are you trying to cover all techniques by moving on to ad hominem attack? No wonder your article is very close to Russian government position , after all many links are based on RT or other Russian state media.


Ad hominem attack?

I said naive.

I was being charitable.

You've clearly bought into MSM's neo-con view of the coup.

They didn't think any of the other U.S. backed coups were coups either.

Between you and Parry, I'll take Parry.


People like Obama, Clinton, Trudeau and Sanders, to name a few, are not neo-cons yet they do not subscribe to your US coup conspiracy theory. All of them might have a different approach on Syrian crisis yet none of them think US caused the civil war. Interestingly, even your Wikipedia page does not list Ukraine as a regime change country. So you are either just simply wrong or going through the lists of propaganda techniques - attributing me something which I have not said.


You must be new at dis-information. Tell your handlers to double-check your spelling too, while you're at it.

Accusing a poster of using propaganda when that is what YOU are doing is a very old and transparent trick. What makes you stand out as the shill that you are (apart from naïve commentary), is the use of the term "conspiracy." It's intended to silence any who dare to demonstrate heresy towards a number of obviously false, Official Stories.


This just in... well, a couple of hours ago... Obama approves more "boots on the ground" in Syria. Here we go again, Kids.


Just called my Congressman and said do not allow the President to send US troops to Syria. This violates both international and domestic law. The US need to stop supporting Islamic Extremist. And if they really want to fight Isis in Syria. They need to do it with the Syrian government and Russian together.