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A Global People’s Bailout for the Coming Crash

A Global People’s Bailout for the Coming Crash

Adam Parsons

A full decade since the great crash of 2008, many progressive thinkers have recently reflected on the consequences of that fateful day when the investment bank Lehman Brothers collapsed, foreshadowing the worst international financial crisis of the post-war period. What seems obvious to everyone is that lessons have not been learnt, the financial sector is now larger and more dominant than ever, and an even greater crisis is set to happen anytime soon. But the real question is when it strikes, what are the chances of achieving a bailout for ordinary people and the planet this time?

When the next recession hits, our leadership should have plans fully developed for massive infrastructure spending, putting people back to work. And the average voter needs to learn that taxes should never be cut when unemployment rates are low.

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Because the system is rigged to not enable sharing of resources, it must be changed.

Not so much as the average voter, you gotta reach the below-average voter!