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A Global Shift to 100% Renewables Is Not Just Cleaner – It's About Equality


A Global Shift to 100% Renewables Is Not Just Cleaner – It's About Equality

Anna Leidreiter

As the world’s energy system shifts from fossil fuels to renewable sources, the question is no longer if the world will transition to sustainable energy, but how long it will take and whether the transition can be made in ways that maximise the benefits today and for future generations.

Changing our energy system is about more than replacing fossil resources with sun and wind. In fact, the economic model for renewables is completely different: 100% renewable energy can lead us to a more equal distribution of wealth.


From your lips...to the rest of the world. Local solutions should become everybody's solutions. We have the technology and could do this almost everywhere... and should! Every small town and community should have their own wind turbine. All buildings should have solar roofs. All those former mill dams that existed before steam power could be the sites of mini hydropower dams.

The jobs we need are local jobs. Alternative energy jobs are local jobs. Why isn't this our focus? A mental shift is needed away from corporate energy to what might be called personal energy or even middle class energy (small local power producers - a middle class sized local mini hydropower dam? A small scale mini wind farm fro a small town.

Instead of mega corporate power companies we need middle class mini power companies (small scale local power generation).


In the US the Koch brothers and Sam Walton's heirs are out to destroy decentralized renewable energy by applying the model used during the 1930s by the roads and highways cartel that purchased public transit operations only to shut them down, creating a monopoly for the roads and highways cartel.

Concurrent with expanding their solar energy holdings the Kochs and Waltons are lobbying state governments and coaching electric utilities to impose high fees on small decentralized producers, which will eliminate small producers, giving the Kochs and Waltons a solar energy monopoly that they can control or destroy as they see fit to facilitate a thriving fossil / nuclear industry. They have already succeeded in Arizona.


With 50 states we will probably get 50 different approaches. Right now I think we are in the experimental phase trying to figure out what works best. Andrew Cuomo's Reforming the Energy Vision initiative in NYS has gotten a lot of attention. At the moment information sessions and public statement hearing are being held across the state. The REV is supposed to spur clean energy innovation.


I believe local control of resources is necessary so people can steward their own resources equitably, rather than watching it extracted and shipped away.


I was speaking about local production of energy. Just as small communities will put up a water tower to give their fire hydrants pressure they could just as easily put up a wind turbine (s). Along with solar roofs, every small town would contribute to reducing carbon production as well as guaranteeing local power in case of an emergency that could power a hospital or clinic, communications and what not.

This type of localized power production is easy to link up with the grid and would in fact generate $avings for that community. If every community had local power generation imagine the amount of decentralized power that would be generated.


Read Ray Del Camino's comment and instead of "shooting from the hip," you just might learning something.


Why would the Koch's (or Walton's) be trying to facilitate nuclear power?


I am aware of the Koch brothers attempts to roll back rapid growth in alternatives like solar and wind by ALEC lobbyists etc and getting utilities to impose fees net metering etc. Even Obama mentioned them doing that.

However if you could cite a source for the Koch's buying up public transit and also for them trying to garner a solar energy monopoly (?). They have succeeded elsewhere but it is a lost cause and merely a delaying tactic that is to be expected as the country continues to get off being 'addicted to fossil fuels'. Even utilities are building solar plants rather than coal fired plants but in any case the citizen will continue to install solar and wind in greater numbers and while utilities can complain, this country still pretends it is a democracy (lol). The numbers will favor the use of personal solar and in the end a decentralized collection grid will be worked out.

As with any change, the old ways resist the introduction of the new ways but it fruitless... we call it progress.