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A Good Beginnning (to the End of Empire)


A Good Beginnning (to the End of Empire)

Kathy Kelly

It seems that some who have the ears of U.S. elite decision-makers are at least shifting away from wishing to provoke wars with Russia and China.


Thank you, always luminous Kathy Kelly for speaking beyond the rites, rituals, and rationales of "Mars Rules" to what priorities a society NOT under the war-god's domination might look like:

"Members of the IL National Guard were part of NATO’s July 2016 "Anakonda" exercises on the Russian border. As the state of Illinois spent an entire year without a budget for social services or higher education, millions of dollars were directed toward joint military maneuvers with Poland that ratcheted up tensions between the U.S. and Russia.

"Many families in Illinois can relate to the impact of rising food prices in Russia while family income stays the same or decreases. People in both the U.S. and Russia would benefit from diversion of funds away from billion dollar weapons systems toward the creation of jobs and infrastructure that improve the lives of ordinary people."


Unlike some of the other journalists whose articles are carried here, such as an Astore or Bacevich, Ms Kelly is a TRUE advocate for peace. She is not talking about "The United States of Americas bests interests" which is almost always about bettering the power elite. She just wants to see the killing stopped everywhere , just as those women in Afghanistan want the killing to end.


Thank-you, Kathy Kelly. When do we start? You answered your own question. When war is no longer a business that profits not only the defense industry and Pentagon and CIA careers, but also corporations waiting on the sidelines to access new markets, then it starts. When Republicans and Democrats produce a candidate that is willing to say no to campaign donations from those sources, then starts. When we get a president who is actually more of a leader than an arms salesperson, then it starts. Take the profit out of war for the ruling class. Then it starts.

But that's just a start. Until American culture evolves away from the worship of violence and war and the getting things done at the point of a gun, there will never be a policy of peace, either at home or abroad. This is one of the most warlike countries the world has ever known, but other countries with a history of violence have made the transition to living in peace. Like you, those us who have advocated for peace all our adult lives have not given up.


I greatly admire Ms. Kelly's vision, but I do not believe that the "policy makers will let themselves be guided by sanity" and peacefully transition us into a new way of being in any kind of timely manner. If we could afford to wait another 2-4 decades, maybe. But by then Mother Earth will have be decimated beyond our ability to 'control' her.

Power does not relinquish control. It must be taken. And for that, we will need massive uprising. Fortunately, it seems that the peoples of many nations are approaching that point.


I do not look forward to it, or relish it, but I do agree it may be approaching. You can only squeeze so hard, before something must pop. Some years ago I postulated here that much may turn on the quantity and the loyalty of jack-booted thugs that will protect/support the status quo. re1939 - it can't happen here? Recent events indicate otherwise.

Much will be lost, including any collective belief that we are smart enough in our policies and institutions to have risen above this crude ongoing murder for power. Today, greed sneers at every notion of sensibility, co-operation, and peace.

The moment existed after the dissolution of the USSR, but the MIC was not going to forego living in the manner in which they had become accustomed, and so shit on the peace dividend.


"A Hard Rains Gonna Fall."


I made a friend recently who is from East Germany, a young woman. One small but significant thing she enlightened me about is to disabuse me of my previous illusions that those Europeans really have it made with their socialism-lite, their national health care and more enlightened (than the U.S.) social infrastructure (and that is being challenged hard by austerity). Yes, there are things they have that would make life less hard if people had them in the U.S., in some cases very drastically so (one example: much more accessible and reliable free mental health services). But people can and do still suffer tremendously in Germany, too, and i mean white Germans, too. The suffering is not confined to just certain corners in this deeply interconnected world, with materialism-capitalism run amok yet human values still far from dead at the same time. To solve these plagues, we must seek and support the deep, full-spectrum solutions that understand that no one is free until all are free, for if we look not just on the outside material level but also inside to our subjective living truth, to the realms of soul and spirit, and inside-outside at the state of real community and communion, with all Earth, with all of each other, that is actually the way it works: no one is free until all are, all beings, animals too, trees and bears, and maybe even the grass, too.


Do you suppose the word "communism" might be an off shoot of the words "community" and "communion?"


Hence the fifty plus year cold war to create fear around all things com and all things ism.


"The end of U.S. empire would be a welcome end. I hope that policy makers will let themselves be guided by sanity and the courage to clarify the U.S.’ vast potential to make a positive difference in our world by asking themselves a simple, indispensable question:how can we learn to live together without killing one another? An indispensable follow-up is: When do we start?"

Having just listened to Trump's speech on the military, it seems that any peace dividend will be nuked by his proposed military spending increase. As far as the military goes, we will be given to choose between a trillion dollar/yr M/I/I Complex and a MAD peace, or the same choice with permanent limited bankster wars.


Any doubts about the intent or methods of the US Empire should be put to rest by the photo, credited to NATO, at the top of this story.


Lives of ordinary people is our mission, as well!


Communism is life's Joy!


Kathy Kelly:

The end of U.S. empire would be a welcome end.

Watch this Abby Martin interview with U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson (Ret.), who was National Security Advisor to the Reagan administration and, later, chief of staff for Colin Powell during the Bush administration's build-up to the Iraq War. At the very end of the interview, his very last thought is, "We are going to have to have a very powerful minority; or, hopefully, I said a majority, 51, 52 percent, who actually stand up on their hind legs and say, 'I've had it! This is not going to happen any more. You're not going to...' ...Does that mean revolution? It might. It might, indeed."

Directly from YouTube:


We have to stop somewhere. Empire will end eventually, and if nothing significant is done it will end by civilization nuking itself back to the stone age, and even then I am being generous.


I'd suggest making that "civilization".
I always think of Ghandi's response when asked what he thought of western civilization--"I think it would be a good idea".


"I hope that policy makers will let themselves be guided by sanity and courage...to make a positive difference in our world..."

Unfortunately, as discovered by the Page and Gilens research, our policy makers respond only to those Entities who donate large amounts to their reelection campaigns.

Bernie responded to the public and was brutally shut down for his troubles.

At this point, it would seem that our only hope, outside of immediate revolution, would be a solid Green homecoming, and abandonment of the Duopoly, for anyone Progressive enough to care.


America's problems are pretty basic. The US has remained engaged in wars almost constantly, almost always by choice, for the past century. We can no longer afford it. We've already drained out most human needs funding, putting it into wars, prisons and (apparently) relentless road construction.

We deregulated our economy in the 1980s, and since then, the US has shut down/shipped out a massive number of jobs. Not everyone can work, and there aren't jobs for all. Instead of working to address this, America chose to bring the war on the poor to fruition, further weakening the economy while powerfully splitting apart those who are not on the right wing, middle class vs. poor.

To think of the American empire as something that is dying out, ready to quietly collapse, is comforting compared to the alternative possibility. The US has spent decades earning the contempt/rage of the world community, and have come to be regarded as the greatest threat to all life on Earth. That's a dangerous position to be in.


Remember Occupy? What began as an extraordinary People's movement that could have changed the course we're on, was successfully redefined (by Dem pols and liberal media) as a middle class movement alone.

If we had a revolution, who would fight whom? We're rich vs. middle class vs. poor. We watch now as the rich do to the middle class, what the middle class already did to the poor. This time, the proverbial masses were divided, pitted against each other, conquered.