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A Good Day for a Walk in the Woods


A Good Day for a Walk in the Woods

Richard Heinberg

Not since the Civil War has an American presidential Inauguration Day been so fraught with fear and dread (on February 23, 1861, Abraham Lincoln traveled to his inauguration under military guard, arriving in Washington, D.C., in disguise). The incoming president is the most unpopular of any to assume office since modern polling began.


Thank you, Mr. Heinberg. Much respect and appreciation to you for your dedication and fine work.


To talk about the narcissism of one person without talking about the narcissism of the society is a mistake that may cost us everything. We can't win if we personalize this. American [sic] exceptionalism--what is that if not narcissism? Believing things changed on September 11, 2001, (most of the world has lived with the terrorism of corporations and the rich for centuries)--isn't that narcissistic? Calling ecological activism and peaceful protest terrorism--what is that if not the paranoia of the narcissist?

Paul Shepard's Nature and Madness, and Jessica Benjamin's The Bonds of Love are 2 excellent places to look to find out about our withdrawal from nature and the nature of our illness.


"In my view, the most revealing personal characteristic of president #45 may be his complete disconnection from the natural world."

I am not so sure about that. He does own a mansion in Westchester County on about 150 acres or so that is called Seven Springs and includes large wooded areas and it is located next to a nature preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy. His mansion, which was formerly owned by the Kathrine Graham who owned the Washington Post, sits near the edge of a cliff overlooking a lake. He did intend to develop the property but has never been able to. It is hard to believe anyone, even Trump, could own that mansion and property without having some appreciation of nature.


Sigh. And the first action yesterday was to take any mention of climate change off his web site. Resist with all you have, people.