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'A Good Day for Elephants': Ban on Domestic Ivory Trade Passes


'A Good Day for Elephants': Ban on Domestic Ivory Trade Passes

- Common Dreams staff

In a bid to stop the killing of elephants for their tusks, world governments voted at a major conservation conference to urge the closure of all domestic ivory markets.

After fierce debate, disagreements and walkouts the motion was adopted on the final day of the International Union for Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress, a 10-day meeting that drew 9,000 people to Honolulu, Hawaii this month.


Hillary Clinton announces program aimed at stamping out elephant poaching, ivory trade - The Washington Post

Oh, and there was this: Hillary Clinton Collapses/Faint While Leaving 9/11 Memorial Service (VIDEO) - YouTube

Is that better?


The Trump boys go elephant hunting:


Her Doctor said she was being treated for a bacterial pneumonia which had caused her coughing fits earlier this past week and then she dehydrated today at the 9/11 event. I'm not sure what that has to do with the ivory trade though.


Finally some action on behalf of these gorgeous family oriented super intelligent beings. More needs to be done but this is a start.

And in the U.S., we continue to kill our wolves, wild mustangs and buffalo primarily for those shitty burgers that are totally not worth the environmental or moral high cost.


Thinking about African animal poachers, lets not forget Dian Fossey, " Gorillas in the Mist, " please. She battled poachers with all her heart, and soul. She was murdered saving the animals from poachers in Rwanda. So, maybe watch the film "Gorillas in the Mist " Sigourney Weaver.


Yet for millions upon millions of other animals the world over, it is still slavery and servitude, until the day they die. But for one word.
That word?
How wonderfully criminal of the human animal.


The slaughter will stop when the killing of any highly intelligent being is treated as equivalent to the murder of a human being.


Next, make it illegal to possess ivory in any way, shape, or form. No excuses. Illegal, period. Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species; we also have sky fairies that tell us to be nice. I would like to see that for a change, one generation where we treat each other and all the beings on this planet, "humanely". That would be wild.


Laurenceofberk, yes..........we haven't even quit killing and tormenting each other yet.