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A Good Deal, a Long Time Coming


A Good Deal, a Long Time Coming

Scott Ritter

The deal recently concluded between Iran and the so-called "P-5 plus 1" nations (the United States, Great Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany) is designed to prevent Iran from being able to rapidly acquire fissile material in quantities suitable for use in a nuclear weapon. According to President Obama, the agreement is a "good deal" that "shuts down Iran's path to a bomb." The devil is in the details, of course, which won't be finalized until June 30, but at first blush the deal emerging out of Switzerland accomplishes that which it was intended to.


Armed with the knowledge that the case against Iraq’s WMD was, at best illusory and, at worst, a complete fabrication, Americans should be hesitant about accepting at face value claims of Iranian nuclear malfeasance that are unsustained by fact and are at odds with history.

What Americans would those be? The ones getting their misinformation from Fox News or NPR?

Ritter has given us a nice, concise little history of Iran’s nuclear negotiations. He does a fairly decent job of describing this agreement’s features and Iran’s willingness to make concessions.

I would have liked some more discussion about the prospects for approval of this agreement in the US Senate which are zero. This agreement represents the end of one struggle and the beginning of another. It’s just a benchmark in the miserable history of an unhappy region.



Let’s hope that the neocon saboteurs are kept at bay from this process.


The approval or disapproval of the agreement by the US Senate won’t matter - because the other five countries, with the consensus of the entire world except for US and it puppets Israel and Saudi Arabia, will agree top it. The US will be totally marginalized - which is a good thing. Bring it on… the worse, the better.


Excellent article Scott,

Thank you for explaining to us in fine detail, how this process works, and how it can go wrong. You may have been unable to save us from the Iraq debacle, but maybe your insight can save us from WW-III.


It’s good to see that you’re writing again Scott Ritter. You are one of the few, intelligent and knowledgeable critics that I can trust when it comes to issues pertaining to nuclear bombs. I would like to know your opinion though about whether this development has any chance of withstanding the MIC backlash via their loyal minions in D.C. and the predictable criticisms by our corporate MSM.


And the faster the Senate goes thumbs down on this agreement the sooner that day will come. I want their idiotic ‘reasons’ for choosing war over peace on record.



Good to see you back, Scott!


Still dating underage girls,Scott?