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A Good Look: NYPD Investigating Anti-Hate Vandalism of Murderous Colonizer As Hate Crime


A Good Look: NYPD Investigating Anti-Hate Vandalism of Murderous Colonizer As Hate Crime

Irony Alert: After unknown perpetrators crept into New York's Central Park to give a statue of genocidal, native-enslaving, disease-spreading Christopher Columbus blood-red hands and a message reading, "Hate Will Not Be Tolerated," the NYPD announced they will investigate the act as a "hate crime." Some heretical New Yorkers, however, deemed it "a good look" for the explorer who sought to "ravage, kill, mangle and destroy" in the name of greed.


And so it began

They would make fine servants…With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want."

This is all we need to know about Christopher Columbus.


Columbo was supported by an entire conceptual framework that sounds painfully familiar to the present day.
Steve Newcomb is recognized as one of the foremost researchers on the Doctrine of Discovery.

I would submit that one of the reasons that the political elite constantly urge forgetting about the past is because it is only very recently that the fraud perpetrated by colonization has been coming to light. Shine that light as brightly as possible. drag it out of the closet and permanently lay out the now identifiable scam in perpetuity.


NYPD announced they will investigate the act as a “hate crime.”

Just how does the NYPD see this … as a “hate crime” against Queen Isabella …
against Columbus who gave us genocide of 112 million native people here …
or is it a “hate crime” against greed which they want to prosecute?


Perhaps coincidental timing, the statue of Junipero Serra in San\ta Barbara was splashed with red paint AND beheaded.


It is a hate crime, in that it produces hatred for the myth that is American history as taught in the schools and the “history” books. American exceptionalism relies on the perpetuation of this mythical, glorious past - Columbus the great, divine discoverer, the virgin, empty paradise that he opened up to the brave, adventurous settlers who then worked so hard and braved so many dangers to colonize that vast wilderness, defending themselves from the savage, wild and Godless Indians, yada yada yada. Hating our past, once the truth is known, may lead to questioning other “truths,” and maybe even coming to hate those too, as well as our Overlords…so yeah: hate crime.


Much of the NYPD might be a hate cream.


If the statue is bronze, it should be melted down to make something useful.


How can a hate crime be committed aggainst an inanimate object? Don’t the cops have anything better to do with their time? If not, NYC is spending too much money on its police force and not enough on more useful things.


How can a hate crime be committed against an inanimate object? And what part of the accusations that Columbus was a slaver or a pedophile or a perpetrator of genocide do you disagree with?


i wonder where all of the folks condemning Columbus would be today, if somebody from Europe had not crossed the ocean and found land where that just-about maxxed-out European population could spread to.

Would those of You not of Native American stock even ever have been born?


Here’s something you can wonder. The untold millions of Native American ‘stock’ that never got to be born due to genocide against their would-be forbearers. As far as your ‘European populations being maxed out’ as an excuse for genocide, consider that there are cities in Europe today with populations greater than that of their whole country back in the time of Columbus. For instance, Greater London today is almost three times the population of England and Wales of five centuries ago. Being wrong factually and morally, that qualifies you to work for the Trump administration.


Not a big detector of sarcasm, are you? We’re on the same damn side. Re-read it.


Recast it as a pile of shit and dedicate it to the US Empire.


I re-read it after reading the reply by mike nolan to make sure I read it right the first time. I did.


You have got to be kidding. What kind of argument is that? Sarcasm I hope, but I think not.


Columbus was an invader, not a discoverer as is made clear by now what is believed
to have been 112 million native people here and on the out-islands.

What Columbus brought here was violence, murder, torture with and a Papal Edict under
his arm which called for the “enslavement or killing” of natives which gave license to
authorize their murder. And, as well, a system of Slavery guided by the same Papal license.

In a few short hundred years, this Elite system of Conquest, Christianity, Capitalism has brought
destruction of Nature and likely our own planet.


I think the big lesson here is learn to think for yourself. Consider the time and effort put into living on information that never held much truth and then passing that on. This is a big step but a good one.


The real history of Columbus is pretty interesting but digging though the fabrications can be time consuming. His body after his death was stolen and reburied several times. Some claim he was actually Portuguese and not Italian.


And name it Donald!