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A Good Night for Hillary Clinton


A Good Night for Hillary Clinton

And so, after all the anticipation, the rampant sports metaphors and the breathless, sensationalized buildup (MSNBC’s headline in the minutes before the event was “Clinton/Trump Showdown”), the first debate is over.

Scorecards may be odious, but overall, it has to be said that Hillary Clinton had a very good night. In the first half hour, Donald Trump seemed to be doing his best to appear presidential and keep his Trumpiness under control but soon it came bursting out of him like Roger Rabbit, unable to resist a goofy sight gag, no matter the consequences.


I guess the biggest question was whether Trumps would appear presidential. Questions were raised about whether Reagan would appear presidential in his debate with Carter in 1980 and Reagan pulled it off (perhaps with the help of the Republicans stealing Carter's preparation notes). Clinton clearly studied Trump well and was very prepared for this debate. Her strategy seemed to be keep your poise no matter what he says, smile, and throw out an occasional bait. Trump being a wise cracking clown could not resist the bait and looked anything but presidential. He melted down with constant interruptions and made a number of wise cracks that can be used against him (e.g., not paying taxes is smart). And he made strange facial expressions while on camera the whole time. Many of his answers were totally incoherent or not answers to the question at all (still waiting to find out why he continued with his birther claim even after Obama produced his birth certificate). He should be polling below Jill Stein but because he is a Republican he is getting about 40% of the vote and because he is a racist he is getting people who usually don't vote excited about his campaign. And he is doing extremely well with white males without college degrees who apparently can relate to the way Trump speaks.


She performed as expected and so did he. No change has yet been seen in the polls since they both met expectations. He will go back up in a few days because he didn't fart on stage she will fall because she wore a Red dress.


Anyone who would take the time to analyze this so-called debate in a serious way must have a screw lose.
It would be fair to state an opinion, like how asinine and worthless the debate was, but to treat it as anything other than a farcical comedy is insane.

Near the end of the debate Hillary interrupted a discussion of foreign policy to say that Trump had called a contestant for Miss America "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping." That is a clear example of what Hillary thinks of us citizens and how ridiculous this media circus was.


For an alternate viewpoint, please check out this great article by Justin Raimondo:


If you go by who had the best answers to the questions and who came across as honest, well-informed, and competent, Jill Stein was clearly the winner. But the Dems and Repubs don't allow the TV audience to hear other candidates, so Stein was not on the debate stage. You can watch Jill Stein answering the questions via livestream here: https://www.facebook.com/drjillstein/videos/1302970866409767/ The video takes a minute to begin, but it's worth watching.

Between Hillary and Trump, though, Trump was the clear winner, because he was more likeable. Neither candidate is seen as trustworthy, but Trump is funny. He's like that kid in high school who was always annoying the teachers and amusing the rest of us by doing stuff like pretending to barf, complete with plastic puke, in the hallway between classes. Hillary came across as the leader of the mean girls' clique.


Thank you very much for sharing this outstanding article. If Jill Stein weren't running, I would actually have to vote for Trump, since he is actually making sense and not promoting war, unlike Hillary Clinton.



Trump is about as funny as an impacted wisdom tooth.


We have a case of extremely low expectations here. Hillary Clinton has been looked upon favorably by either the gods of politics or fate, because a competent opponent could demolish her, and in four years one may very well do that when she runs for reelection. I believe that whichever one of them wins will be a single term President. Trump can't win, statistically impossible, so please vote for Jill Stein and the Greens wherever you live!


The more money there is in politics the harder it becomes to unseat incumbents, so the chances of whoever wins on November 8 being a single term president is very low. Bill Clinton won in 1992 only because Ross Perot had the money to fund a competitive campaign, was able to participate in the debates and draw more of Bush 41's base than Clinton's base. The corporations, their media and their politicians will make sure that never happens again.

While "cash and power got the good seats" at Hofstra, third parties were shut out.


Ask Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama whether a competent opponent could demolish her. The answer based on their experience would certainly be no. She took Trump apart almost methodically and didn't look mean doing it. Trump never had a chance because he only looks serious if he reads off a teleprompter and as Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out the debate was really between the class president and the class clown and Trump being a clown at his core could not resist the bait that Clinton would throw out to him. He had to get in his wise guy crack even if it was to his detriment. O'Donnell believes many viewers tuned in just to see if Trump would get demolished as if they were watching a reality show to see a contestant demolished (you're fired). And unlike in the Carter versus Reagan debate it happened. However, it may not affect the polls. Those people who are looking for authoritarian racist to be president are still going to support Trump and they could care less that he a pathological liar and knows almost nothing about important issues such as nuclear weapons policy.


Similar to other comments here, but maybe shorter:
This was a pageant for their respective base. Trump remained a jerk, and Clinton reminded everyone Trump is a jerk. The identity-politick crowd loves that.

The onus was on Clinton: She did not have to reminder her base that Trump is a jerk. They believe it. She needs to motivate people to the polls, especial progressives not in her base.

I counted 8 actual questions to both candidates, and none of which were answered to my satisfaction, let alone the questions I wanted.


Yeah! Plus, who cares if an outspoken misogynist is elected president? It's time we stopped bending over backwards to special interests groups, like women.


The transcript of the "debate" is at

The inane question Holt asked at the end was to Trump and asked him why he said Clinton doesn't "look Presidential"

Trump tried to switch the topic to foreign policy but she responded to the moderator's question by rattling off a series of sexist things Trump has done.

The discussion of foreign policy was more toward the middle of the debate.

Anyways - as you said - any kind of analysis about this event becomes rather silly since little of substance is discussed in this format. It is like 100 million people all just watched an episode of Seinfeld and we are analyzing who won: Kramer or Elaine.