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A Good Problem To Have


A Good Problem To Have

The Bernie Sanders surge continues, often in improbable places. In Jan-Brewer-red Arizona, his campaign had to move a weekend event in Phoenix to a bigger-than-planned venue after thousands RSVP-ed, an increasingly common snag - see Madison, Denver, Minneapolis, Iowa, Boston and Portland ME - facing the guy nobody was going to vote for. Texas and digital house parties coming up. Sanders: "Democracy is not a spectator sport."


I am delighted to hear this news. I wish you lots of “wind in the back” Bernie; may you enlighten the entire electorate in the United States. :sun_with_face: :+1:


Is it really possible that I am going to get a candidate that I actually want to vote for? After all these decades? There’s a first time for everything I guess. Usually I don’t vote for the republicans… it’s like an official category among the left…lol.

Go Bernie … for all of us!



“Is it really possible that I am going to get a candidate that I actually want to vote for?”

is a great question, Wereflea! I’m beginning to wonder the same thing. I’m glad to hear that Bernie has also stopped in Boston, as well. Too bad I missed him.


I understand the crowd was around 12,000, here’s the youtube replay:


It would seem that people in the USA HOPE for CHANGE. That, in itself, is heartening.


Just got the Honk for a Revolution sticker–yay. :O)


True, more clarity needed on his views re Israel, war, etc. But meanwhile what about the possible good he can do with his “starting a discussion” attitude? Is he going to gain momentum? I think so. Is he as phony as Obama was? Maybe. Maybe not. In short, why not think more creatively on possibilities instead of the automatic dismissal?


Light, perhaps?


I would suppose some USAians have been hoping for change since 1776. It seems that an optimistic part of the USAian character still exists despite all the post-1783 setbacks. Keep it up!