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'A Good Start': Democrats' Anti-Corruption Proposals Applauded as Actual Plan to Drain the Swamp


'A Good Start': Democrats' Anti-Corruption Proposals Applauded as Actual Plan to Drain the Swamp

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In what dozens of progressive groups hailed as a good first step toward eradicating the rampant corruption that has infected both major political parties and flourished under President Donald Trump, congressional Democrats on Monday rolled out a series of pro-democracy proposals aimed at enhancing voting rights, curbing the influence of corporate lobbyists, and "e


It’s not the package I question, it’s the timing, not to mention the credibility of the people proposing it. Why now? Where was the support for these proposals when the Democrats had the power to actually act on them? The party achieved some success with this strategy in the 2006 mid-terms, but that was before 8 years of a neoliberal, corporate friendly Obama presidency. Voter confidence and trust in the party to do the right thing is a much different story, now.

Then, too, this is the very same party that threw just enough votes to the Republicans to get the worst of Trump’s swamp creatures in power. It they were so bad, why did some of these very same Democrats vote to confirm?

Lastly, this gives the party establishment a nice safe way to avoid offering any serious proposals to voters. It’s little more than dressed-up version of We are not Trump. The party still avoids offering voters something more.


Is this going to be Hillary’s chance to make a come back. I don’t trust many Dem’s to drain the swamp, they use it to cover up their own corruption. I like Jayapal , but don’t kiss up to the Dem’s they will use you and burn you in the end. Till Pelosi , Reed , Schumer and the others are gone there will be a swamp.


Pretender Donald Trump, nothing more.


Pelosi and Schumer seem to be in charge of damage control at Brand D, which tells me that this plan is going nowhere fast.

What if we actually refer to the Constitution, which names “bribery” as an impeachable offense? Didn’t Mulvaney confess—well, truthfully, boast in public—about selling his influence? A few such prosecutions might prove salutary to the body politic. (Of course, some Ds might have cause to fear that their own acts might be called into question, so their support for a full house-cleaning might be less than enthusiatic.)

Under the heading “restoring voting integrity,” I searched in vain for a mention of reinstating the gold standard for electoral transparency—paper ballots counted by hand under the glare of spotlights and with cameras rolling. Any proposals falling short of this mark are a priori defective.

Felon disenfranchisement? Whom does that serve?

I could go on, but I suspect that it’s all theater with these types. They know the depth of public anger, probably than the public at large, and feel the need to APPEAR responsive; but the donor class, as always, will want to have the last word. Whether or not that happens is our hands—several hundreds of millions of them, in fact.


What a joke. Nancy Pelosi is going to stand for political reform?!?! You will know there has been political reform when Elaine Kamarck is run out of the party on a rail. Come on people, how dumb do they think we are?


The Democrats?? Quick recap: The Patriot Act and the NDAA were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Both pieces of legislation are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution. And just recently they helped put a torturer at the helm of the CIA. The RethuKKKlicans and their ‘opposition’ party are two peas in the same fascist pod. Anti-Corruption Proposals??? ROFL…


It is obvious to many of us that if we had publicly funded only elections inequality of opportunity and income would be much diminished.


I will never trust the old blue dogs, they are at it again wearing sheepskin disguises. Indeed they had many opportunities to bring about reforms but always allowed the GOP proposals to pass with the D party support. We need to elect people who are honest to their core by evidence of their character, who do not intend to enrich themselves rather serve the people.



Basic Economics - Planet Earth - Contemporary


Lesson One
The government’s role is to maintain the flow of resources to the market, using force where necessary.

Lesson Two
Whoever has the most commodities to exchange on that market, controls the discussion of where military force will be used.

**Lesson Three

**As resources grow more scarce, as population continues to grow, as the habitat continues to collapse from ecological strains, military force becomes more necessary to maintain the flow of resources.****

Lesson Four

Politicians around the world support this system. There is no Plan B.

No one is willing to give up their jobs, their shopping and their families to consider the limits of growth.

Politicians know this, but pretend it isn’t true by offering the same plans over and over wrapped in different packaging in hopes that no one will remember that it didn’t work before.

Surprisingly, this seems to work more often than not.

Lesson Five

Always believe that resources are available and that by changing the system, be it capital or social, things will work out.

Lesson Six

When resources do run out on parts of the planet causing refugees by the millions to flee, talk about celebrities and family values.

Lesson Seven

If you are in power, or seeking power always remember, the person running against you for office is scum. Spend a lot of money showing people why. Never discuss policies and issues! This is very important. NEVER talk about anything other than the corruption of values by your opponent.

Lesson Eight

When resources become severely diminished and people in power start to suffer, talk about future generations, celebrities and your faith in religion.

Never talk about planetary ecologies and habitats and the limits to growth! This only confuses the media.
When you become a refugee yourself and have no resources, blame homosexuals. If there are no homosexuals around, talk about either Ayn Rand, or Lenin, or pick your favorite religion, or who wore it best on the red carpet, or the stock market.

Lesson Nine

If you do not find food and water, take a moment to contemplate the moral superiority of celebrities. Or discuss Marx with your children and how everything would have worked out if only everyone would have read his books.

Lesson Ten

NEVER consider available resources on the planet before having children.
NEVER discuss this issue.
This does not fit into the framework of most media and political discussion and you will never become a wealthy celebrity, nor a social justice warrior, if you insist on talking nonsense.


But Russia?


Public funds for all national elections is the only way forward. However, nationalizing elections runs into the same wall as nationalizing public education has, historically. Some states will, figuratively speaking, opt to teach creationist dogma rather than evolutionary theory.
We’ll get some asshat like Billy Graham, Jr. as Secretary of National Elections appointed by the likes of a President Ted Cruz; resulting in, of course, a balot requiring a formal stamp from the.Secretary of The Dept. of Energy. Who would be Joe Manchin & Mitch McConnell’s secret love child. Conceived in a coal mine decades earlier.


I suspect this warmed over proposal is the product of the corporate democrats finally “Waking Up and Smelling the Coffee”. Their “We are not Trump approach” has obviously failed as polling numbers are dropping to distressingly low levels.

What to do if you are Chucky or Nancy. Obviously, they can’t touch issues centered on the monumental economic/foreign policy disasters that paralyze this nation. Their donors wouldn’t like that and Trump would exploit their complicity in enabling these disasters. I guess they could talk about moderating corruption so that millionaires could participate equally along side the billionaire class. Don’t expect anything more than that from these dinosaurs.


You took the words right out of my mouth but put them together better!

The D’s have become tryly pathetic.


It looks like this crowd at Common Dreams isn’t buying into this. Talk is cheap and the democrats are untrustworthy. Simple as that.


This would be a Good Start if it wasn’t only words.


Jayapal tweet sez: “Joining @NancyPelosi and colleagues to say loudly and clearly: Our communities deserve a better deal than to be overrun by lobbyists and big corporate money…”

Pelosi, Pelosi; that name seems to ring a bell, vaguely. Is that the little cartoon girl who holds the football and then yanks it away just when another kid runs up to kick it?


Answer to your excellent question: because the Democrats are very good at fooling so many people that they are the opposition!


Drain the swamp? Hell, the Democrats are the great pretenders who claim not to be in the swamp but really are the enablers of the swamp people! The only way the Democrats can really drain the swamp…is to drain themselves!


It might be nice here to get some mention of just what reforms are proposed, preferably very specific mention.

It is not as though pro-democracy proposals that remove some of the things Republicans have done (with help) would not be a good idea. It’s just that the Democratic Party has been manifestly unwilling to clean its own house and allow electoral process in its own nominations. The idea that it would press for actual democratizing reforms in the general election deserves the highest suspicion.