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A GOP Debate Worth Watching


A GOP Debate Worth Watching

Katrina vanden Heuvel

This Thursday, Republicans will stage their first presidential debate, with Fox News picking the top 10 of the 17 announced candidates on the basis of their standing in the polls. By today’s count, Donald Trump, the current poll leader, will stand center stage, flanked by Jeb Bush and Scott Walker and then the other seven arrayed in order of their poll numbers. Trump’s notoriety may just garner Fox News the biggest primary debate audience ever.


I’ve got better things to do, like take a nap, than watch this gang of, to steal a phrase from Mike Papintonio, carnival barkers.


From the article:

“Republicans have argued for decades that lower taxes, less government spending and less regulation would boost the economy. In Kansas, Republican Gov. Sam Brownback championed that program, promising that zeroing out taxes on most businesses, cutting top rates and slashing spending would generate growth, jobs and revenue. The result has been deficits as far as the eye can see, with Republicans in the state legislature now scrambling for ways to raise taxes. The candidates should be asked what’s the matter with Kansas — and how that has informed their agenda.”

This extends WAY beyond any “What’s the matter with Kansas” frame. By identifying these metrics as those preferred by Disaster Capitalists and pointing out how “effectively” these Shock Doctrine protocols have reduced living standards AND taxable economies in places like Greece, Italy, and Spain… far stronger arguments can be made.

These policies–as The Piketty Study proves–transfer vast sums to those at the top of the fiduciary food chain.

When less revenues come in since fewer persons work (and those who do, typically work for lower salaries), government services (along with investments in improving or upgrading aging infrastructure) get cut.

THAT is the plan.

These bastards are The Wrecking Crew of this nation. Paid to make cases for spreading misery and despair, these horrific political Neanderthals are turning our nation into not just a 3rd world entity, but one under the auspices of a set of Globalists: a corporately run New World Order that allots primacy to war, weapons trafficking, ecological pillage, and banking frauds of a massive order.

In a society with a functional justice system, most of them would be hung… or at minimum, put in prison starting with that idiot sociopath, Scott Walker.

Trump can continue to host his own comedy hour: the man is a walking fool. He’s got a gift for entertaining crowds of fools who are just like him (apart from having less cash flow).


It’s VERY disturbing that Ms. Vanden Heuvel has left any question of the growing reach of the military-industrial complex and its LUST for war–a habit fed in the same way that a vampire seeks blood, or an addict seeks his fix–off of her list!

If it were not for the amount of money, research, and resources (human, and otherwise) CANNIBALIZED by huge boy-men who view the world through the prism of an ongoing modern day Cowboy and Indian movie, TONS of money would be available for what counts. TONS of would not be sent to killing machines that for all their talk of "National Security" make this nation a more likely target of bloody blowback. And TONS of would not be earmarked for a “National Defense” that’s felonious… since it causes the problem it alleges to fix! Instead, this embarrassment of riches would be directed towards a genuine defense of this nation’s people in the forms of:

  1. Supporting secondary education for all… outside of usurious rates
  2. Rebuilding infrastructure to withstand tornadoes, floods, droughts, earthquakes, etc.
  3. Guaranteeing health CARE (sans insurance–white suit organized crime–stealing its cut in the form of Mafia-like “Protection Money”) to all
  4. Diverting research away from the latest generation of nuke and other bombs and weapons of mass destruction to clean, efficient energy systems that do NOT require the same fossil fuels that are burning up our beloved planet

How DARE this issue be left off the list when it’s the genesis of all others!


Thursday, August 6, 2015, a day that will live in infamy.
Fox news released its driverless clown car upon the nation.


SR, great post, but remember: pictures are “hung” and people are “hanged.”


I was hoping to get an analysis of last night’s debate I Cspan? Sound bite answers good and how they want to work for the middle class, jobs, balance budgets sound great but I know the way they would go about it does not work and has not worked and it is a shame the dems cannot frame those issues over and over again as lies.


I doubt if many of the questions in this piece will get asked. (It is Fox after all) What we can count on is abstract pladitudes such as “I love America”, “Stay strong”, “Our best days are ahead”, etc… All unarguably beniegn and meant to pull the wool over the eyes of the inattentive and bolster the hopes of the dispossessed, abandoned citizen. Or maybe that was the last Presidential ellection.


The fools get the votes of white Christians and other natural-born (or conditioned) conservatives. As the article explains, the way the system–in Canada AND the U.S. (largely due to the fact that both employ the same high-priced lawyers who understand how to manipulate words, systems, and law to please their highest paying donors: like the Koch Brothers, ALEC, etc.) is set up, it only requires 25% of citizens for a BASTARD to obtain office.

That is anything BUT a majority; and therefore to push the idea that minorities using illicit means to get THEIR people into office represents an indictment of all voters, at large, is arguing that bullies who use crooked means deserve to win the game. It blames the population segment that is marginalized or disenfranchised or disappeared for the deliberate devices of corruption.

A moron like Scott Walker gains control and uses his position of power to rule like some kind of King with a majority mandate. That is a 3rd world tyrant’s style of power abuse.

You can’t agree with my premise and at the same time attempt to refute it… unless you are schizophrenic or reading 2 sets of Talking Points at the same time.

And by the way, while right wing types LOVE to emphasize “personal responsibility” often in ways that disguise the GREATER power of systemic fraud, there is a wide chasm between voter responsibility and the actual power to alter a system that’s absolutely SUFFUSED in graft, corruption, legal distortions, and just about all arteries of redress (added to those of remedy and remediation) closed off. In fact, one could use as metaphor the heart of our Democracy itself being blocked by the cholesterol build-up of all of these devious devices along with the entities that put them into the system to thwart healthy Democratic respiration!

Our system is suffering from a Heart Attack in slow motion!


Thank you for the grammatical correction. I typed a great deal this morning. Sometimes, I get swept up in the “speed of transmission.”


Should government tell the people what to do or vis? On this point, Republicans are probably closer to the truth were it not for the fact that they consider the oligarchy to be “the people”.


Let me summarize the Fox News debate so you do not have watch it.

We are patriots, who all love America; we all hate the Democrats and especially HRC; we all love guns; we all hate abortion; we all love wars and need to keep America strong; we all agree that we need to stop illegal immigration; we all need to support the police and America’s law enforcement…ad nauseam!


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Thanks. Yes, they will all try to see who can be the loudest thumper; bible thumper that is!


A GOP debate worth watching? For whom!


Tell us how you REALLY feel! Seriously I agree with you completely. Problem is you make waaay too much sense. Our infrastructure is falling apart and people (despite the right wing take) are begging for worthwhile jobs. Ring a bell?


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Caught a glimpse of Sen. Graham whose solution to world conflicts and to foster diplomacy was to show a clenched fist (left hand/arm) in the air and an open palm (right hand/arm) out to the side…“you (other nations…China in this case) choose.” Shades of GWB “either you’re with us or against us” and we all know how well that has worked out.

Prior to the “forum” (as it was not a debate) with the clowndidates on stage (with Rubio, Rand, and Cruz on remote monitors elsewhere), Rick Perry looked like he had a nervous tic with all the winking and waving he was doing while pushing his chest out like a pigeon in heat.

Could not handle the torrent of BS spewing forth from that herd and cut my viewing very short. I am sure I did not miss a damn thing because they all parrot the Repubnicant dicta and spout vitriolic rhetoric.


She owns The Nation, comes from lots of old money (heiress), graduated from Princeton, worked for a major network, etc. Insider is an apt moniker for her.


Republican pols haven’t been shy about their views, and I strongly doubt that anything unexpected will come up. But I would ask the GOP candidates what their plans for Social Security disability and retirement would be. People should watch, since even Democrats know that it’s likely that one of these will be the next president (don’t yell at me – complex issue, but once again, the Dems have only more deeply alienated too much of their voting base).

On core socioeconomic policies, let’s get down to basics. In the real world, not everyone can work (health, etc.), and there simply aren’t jobs for all. We all know this. Dem. Bill Clinton ended actual welfare back in the 1990s. For real. (TANF is a short-term job program, exclusively for those with young children.) Food stamps are food the elderly poor, the disabled, and low-wage workers, and they were virtually ended this year. We do utterly turn our backs on the rest. Currently, Dems in Congress are ready to impose unprecedented cuts to Social Security Disability – far deeper than those had been made by the Clinton administration. We know from Bill Clinton’s previous cuts that this will cost lives. The bottom line is that Democrats are no longer “the lesser of the evils” for the poor, the disabled, low wage workers, etc. Could Republicans be worse?