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'A Great Equalizer': Warren Unveils Plan for $110 Billion Investment in Public Broadband Access and Healthcare for Rural America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/great-equalizer-warren-unveils-plan-110-billion-investment-public-broadband-access

I’m hoping her push for broadband access does not include 5G, a sure fire way to overload the healthcare system.

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Liz I love most of your Plans, but we do not have to worry about special Health Care Services to Rural Communities once we have:


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This has to be a strong move strategically, along with its other value. A lot of the middle of the country finds itself ignored.

It would be nice to see some assurance of open access and Net neutrality worked into this. The difference between the content that is available online in metropolitan coastal California and what is available here in the inland California deserts just a couple hours away is enormous. The differences are made by a silent censorship carried out invisibly by ISPs.

This is difficult to legislate against, but it would be good to have clear measures in place.

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55 years ago, a new physician / surgeon was dispatched to rural West Virginia county by the federal government.
Reason: the taxpayers had provided him money to continue his educations.

About 30 years ago, new physicians declared bankruptcy to get rid of their student loans. Lawyers did this also.

Today, we can have mobile health clinics that visit a rural area on a regular schedule. GE made a semi trailer diagnostic center for heart patients out west. I should admit that if physician willingly practices in rural areas, I would provide student loan forgiveness on a 2% per year basis.

Liz isn’t for Medicare for All. She’s all in for keeping the For-Profit system. This article doesn’t go into her student loan debt plan either. I think that one is a rather convoluted plan as well. Stick with Sanders if you actually want there to be someone fighting for you and not supporting corporations and Wall Street.

Forgiving student debt would actually benefit the economy, not to mention the lives of our young people. Warren’s plan doesn’t forgive all debt. Sanders plan does.

I will think about this.
Mainly from a fairness viewpoint.
I worked my way thru college.
Borrowed no money.
Our children had scholarships and a small amount
of student ;loans that they repaid.
First four grandchildren had / have scholarships.
Two have student loans. again, small amounts.
Scranton PA college had a young lady borrow $150,000
to become a special ed teacher.
Around 1988, an Indiana school district offered a new
qualified grad $14,000 per year.
It would be interesting to know how many private colleges
in the midwest loaded their students with heavy debt.
Public universities such as big 10, MAC have never been
free or nearly free in my lifetime.
Had they been affordable years ago, I know lots of fellas
who would not been drafted for Korea, cold war and
Viet Nam. Yes, the military did make sure they had
capable soldiers and marines.
So, I will think on this for a balanced opinion.
Leaning toward interest reduction to 1.5% and principal
reduction of 3% per year depending upon civic involvement
such as volunteering as mentors to youth, visiting the infirm,

Big Daddy war bucks down the street is saying: “You’re going to have us pay for what? And for that too? And that as well? I guess we will have to see about that.”

big daddy sent us
the golden rule:
‘he who has the gold, makes the rules.’

I am interested in the proposed payback in new jobs, ability of younger (TV discusses folks in their 20’s) peoples to get on their feet sooner. Meanwhile, VA needs more financial, every gov’t employee at every level expecting a pay raise. I am not bleeding heart for anyone who borrowed too much. And there is an investigation of families who found a way for their children to state they are unsupported when filling out application for financial aid.

You are in the CA ‘inland’? Are you in the Central Valley or north or south? I’m in Central CA.

I’m in the Mojave Desert.