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'A Great Loss for Palestine': Veteran Diplomat and PLO Leader Saeb Erekat Dies of Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/10/great-loss-palestine-veteran-diplomat-and-plo-leader-saeb-erekat-dies-covid-19


Wow, a year in jail for graffiti and throwing stones at Israelis.
A friend and I used to climb farm silos and spray paint “No Nukes” on them.
Threw stones (bricks) through the windows of republican reelection headquarters downtown in 1972.
Sounds like age old protesting by young folks.

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Oh this is sad that Mr. Erekat died. sigh— a bad lung transplant in the US in 2017 and he dies in an Israeli hospital in 2020. I do not fee good hearing about the health care in either nation. : ( All inspired by Mr. Erekat----stand up for Palestine.


“Now is the time to transform the struggle for one state with equal rights for everyone living in historic Palestine.”

I have always believed in a one State solution. Once people are living side-by-side as equals they learn how to treat each other as neighbors. It, however, is a long uphill struggle; but, it can/will occur as children begin playing together and becoming friends.

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Hi notwistoflemon:
That is a nice idea, but I read that when the singer Nat King Cole, moved to Beverly Hills—the neighbors were horrified and disgusted …so even celebrity can’t save a person from racists . : (
And, since 1948, Israel’s have decided that Palestinians are not worth their time----and as each year goes by, the army, where all citizens must go at some point in their lives, continues to murder Palestinians, and even Americans. Remember when when Israel attacked the flotilla in International waters----and too----sigh ----Rachel Corrie protesting the caterpillar machines roaring over the Palestinian house, and the driver even doing the same to Rachel Corrie. Rachel’s parents finally got a court date----but----sigh-----the caterpillar driver was found to be innocent of any crime.
America does not care nor does much of Israel care about Palestine—but then America didn’t care about the native people, black people or Asian people in America either. It is horrifying and yet truly amazing that some nations can get away with murder on a daily basis. : (
It would be nice if the Israeis treated the Palestinians well, but in the 72 years since the European Jewish people moved into the land—each year, there are more Palestinian attacks , more houses bulldozed and more Palestinians dead. Another reason the UN should be cancelled and the building used as a homeless shelter. : (

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“… recently, Erekat was closely involved in the decision by Palestinian leadership
to cease cooperation with the Israeli government over its criminal plan
to annex large swathes of the little remaining Palestinian territory …”

But I heard this week that they’re resuming. Perhaps this was a good indication
of Erekat’s character, but the post-Oslo ‘peace process’ that he apparently headed
was a fraud – from the beginning on the Israeli side, and on the Palestinian side too
once it became clear that Israel wanted land more than peace. The Palestinian Authority
that Abbas has headed (illegally for the past decade) is effectively an agent that
Israel uses to control people the Zionist state displaced and continues to oppress.

Trumpites boasted that the deal the U.S. brokered for the United Arab Emirates
to throw their Palestinian brothers and sisters under the bus would stop Israel
from (illegally) seizing more West Bank land. In fact it seems to be promoting
the opposite, as fanatical Israeli ‘settlers’ have been warmly welcomed to a UAE
business conference, and UAE investment in the occupied territory is expected.

Is the UAE about to invest in Israeli settlements?
By Tamara Nassar, Electronic Intifada, Nov 17, 2020
Settler delegation receives war welcome in Gulf state.