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A Green Future Is One Without War


A Green Future Is One Without War

Robert C. Koehler

Donald Trump and his base — the leftover scraps of Jim Crow, the broken shards of racist hatred that once were the American mainstream and made the country seem “great” to those who weren’t its victims — have, it appears, a crucial role to play in our future.


“Make no mistake about it: This is one of the most dangerous and extreme proposals offered in modern U.S. history. It’s the sort of thing you’d see in the Soviet Union, not the United States. If we don’t stop the Green New Deal, our economy may not survive. This isn’t a battle we can afford to lose.”

Run you ignorant human hating thugs!. Be scared cause you deserve to be scared. You have brought our world to the brink of death and yet you still claim to be great stewards of the people and earth. Nothing but a farce you are and now you are being called out and don’t like it. Well I for one will laugh at you when you dare show your face. I for one will spit in your face and disrespect you to your face. Cause you have brought nothing but hate and misgiving to our people and our nation. Chew on that you ignorant selfish (can’t call you human) but will call you an enemy of our earth.


I would suggest it not Humans these people hate as much as it is LIFE itself. They have as their reason for being the extinguishment of all life so that the Planet reflects their very souls , something cold and dead.

As long as they can make a buck doing it.


Thanks to Robert Koehler for continuing to expose the Achilles heal of the Dim wing of the Duopoly, including its Blue Wave – and most “progressive” members. Until the reality of neoliberal capitalist imperial military is admitted to and acted upon, nothing else will move.

Peace Out/BDS!


Don’t underestimate them, they’re not going to run or give up without a real fight. In their minds, they believe they have the upper hand. They control the military, the police, politics, most of the judicial system, and have plenty of financial backing. They’re lively hood, no their entire existence depends on the system they’ve built not changing.
I don’t say these things to dampen you’re outrage, we need hundreds of thousands feeling the rage you feel.
To change it we are in for one hell of a fight. I hope the people are up to the task.


Excellent. Eloquent. Inspired. Thank you, Robert Koehler.


We need tens of millions. And if we don’t find and use our rage, the fascists will find their army, as Trump has demonstrated.


“If we don’t, we’re stuck in the mire of racism, exploitation, empire and war. We’re stuck in the dead past, which has given us the current state of Planet Earth: a planet at war with itself in multiple ways. We’re stuck in a dead past and a dying future.”

If we don’t voluntarily bring a balance to our population and natural resource dynamic, nature will to maximize species diversity.


As we approach Martin Luther King Day on January 21st, in the spirit of today’s piece by Mr. Koehler, I reference the ‘Beyond Vietnam: A Time To Break Silence’ speech, for those who may not be aware of it.

I reread it each year, and find myself as moved every time as if it were the first.



Rather than heed Ike’s 1961 farewell speech warning us of the dangers of the military industrial complex (MIC) too many US voters went the opposite direction, allowing their fear and greed buttons to be pushed in every election, turning the MIC into the biggest corporate welfare program the world had ever seen.

Decades of ever growing corporate welfare enabled MIC to morph into the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) that sanitized war with language like “collateral damage” and created eternal occupations and wars that suck ever larger sums of corporate welfare and harm more people around the globe.


Thank You for this. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard it (in documentaries) and the first time I’ve ever read it through.

Two things strike me especially: Dr. King refers to the National Liberation Front and “North Vietnam” as enemies, though he goes out of his way to salute their just and revolutionary histories. More importantly, he offers a specific plan for withdrawal, starting with a unilateral ceasefire on behalf of the U.S. and the puppet Saigon government so that the parties may get to a negotiation that leads leads to total withdrawal from the region.

This is so much different that the Tweet-Shit that progressives offer today. It is passionate, thought-out, clear and principled. It sets a historical context. It does not red-bait, but - indeed - takes a few whacks at blind reactionary anti-communism. It is clear in its revolutionary intent.

So, of course, the National Security Staes murdered him.

In the end, today’s progressives got his message and the message of the National Security State.

Peace Out/BDS!!!


Thanks for posting this as a reminder that we haven’t made much progress since 1967…MLK was right then, and his words ring true today.


Maybe America could use a new flag. The one we have is getting creepy: as in RED is for exploded arteries, Blue is for exploded veins and WHITE is for the skull with its empty eye sockets.
Too much war kills everything and having no reason to go to war, except for corporate profits makes no sense.
I would like a green flag with an all green field. In the center would be colored stars of black, white, brown, ( i would like to add red stars and yellow ones as in that Sunday school song, “Red and Yellow, Black and White…” The flag we have now isn’t even well designed, I like the circle of stars as in “circle of life.” The flag has had many looks, but the current colors are very war like. I like the green field, because like Kermit the Frog has said, "It’s not easy being GREEN, : but if we don’t start now-----BLEAK is the color of Earth’s future.


There is nothing like actually hearing this advanced soul:


Actually Earth will move on, humankind won’t. She will let natural selection do its magic and a new crop of wondrous creatures will be hatched, sans humans.


I agree with him, I just don’t see it ever happening. We are a killer species.
The history of our species has been war, ever since we became 'civilized. And there is evidence that before then we made war. We have skeletons from before the first settlements with axe, spear, etc wounds.
In the ten thousand years of so called civilization, we haven’t changed at all. Only learned how to kill more efficiently.



they are all linked!

if we the people do not end militarism, we cannot meet even one of our worthy goals: a healthy world, dramatically reversing the climate change and global warming, a stable and just economy nor even true democracy.

any “green new deal” that presumes we cannot challenge the american empire will be just another vain exercise in the ongoing political circus of empty hopes… bring in the clowns! none of us, not even members of congress, knows for sure just how many military bases we sponsor around the world… the deep state of spies and clandestine operations is so vast and hidden beneath a shield of secrecy likely no one person knows all.

the vast american military is the single biggest threat to environmental stability on earth! the most ravenous consumer of fossil flues! the single greatest cause to humanitarian crises and the refugee crisis… the factories always challenged to build better killing machines spew carcinogens into our air, poison our water and our land… truely, we cannot discuss single payer healthcare unless we include downsizing the escalating american military presence and ever-expanding budget.

they are all linked!


Exactly correct!!!


HI Olhippy: I think you’re probably correct----and maybe when the creatures of the future find human skeletons millions of years fro now, they will marvel at how strange we were–compared to their own bodies or forms, whatever they may be. I read recently about what is under the soil and all the crawling minute creatures and microscopic forms that are valid life too.


Actually, the demise of America’s imperial adventure, which began with the Spanish-American war and the conquest of the Philippines at the end of the 19th century, is an inevitable consequence of getting off of fossil fuels, however that may be done. Read “Oil, Power and War” by Matthieu Arenneau.