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A Green Future Is One Without War


American imperialism began with the war for liberation from England, as England was enforcing the no advancing westward of the Appalachians’. The next imperial war was the war of 1845 with the seizure of California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona from Mexico.


The biggest challenge facing this country is getting rid of the deep state/corporatocracy/shadow government/plutocracy that has dominated this country the last hundred years, along with both the Democrat and Republican parties, the media, our monetary system, and so much of our daily lives. On my radio show I used to play MLK’s Vietnam speech every year on his birthday, so right on. He spoke out against the MICx and the moral decay that enabled it, so eloquently that the National Security State murdered him. He was so spot on that they were afraid that they would be revealed for the criminal psychopaths that they were…and are. Before we can fix this mess of a government we are under, we first have to be able to see it for what it is. See past the false patriotism, the fake corporate news slant on everything, the endless mindless omnipresent distractions. We need a moral revolution as MLK said that will precipitate our own Gilets Jaunes movement against this crypto-aristocracy. How long before we can attain critical mass? Gopherit