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A Green New Day

A Green New Day

Lauren Pagel

This week, two key committees held their first climate change hearings of the 116th Congress. Today, the Green New Deal was introduced.

It appears Pelosi is already taking the corporate approach to the Green New Deal by creating doubt about its effectiveness.

Disinformation is the cornerstone of Duopoly politics.

Wake up registered Democrats, and run from the lies you have bought into.


Don’t worry, the sense of urgency will get a big fat kick in the ass when the Antarctic ice fields start sliding into the ocean. Funny how a few feet of sea level rise and a massive refugee crisis will wake up the sleepwalkers.

Too bad it had to come to this. But boy, do people love the status quo.

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We will never create a rich enough corporate base with alternative energy (in time) to sway the corporations or their corporate dems.

Another recession might do it.

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Accountability to set standards that bring predatory capitalism into line with the needs for recovery of the health of nature (humans being part of that). Study where the things we use come from, get as local as possible. In the words of long past aeronautical engineer: “simplicate and add lightness”. Or as the Quakers put it : “Live simply so that other can simply live”.

Rediscovery of the stunning beauty and intricacy of this planet