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'A Green Wave Has Swept the European Parliament': In Show of Demand for Climate Action, Green Parties Surge Across EU

'A Green Wave Has Swept the European Parliament': In Show of Demand for Climate Action, Green Parties Surge Across EU

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Underscoring the growing demand for bold climate action that has found expression in global youth-led strikes, marches, and civil disobedience over the past year, Green parties across Europe had their strongest-ever EU parliamentary election performance after running on a


Despite the increase in nationalist fascist nutters being elected to the EP this is excellent news. Instead of the mushy middle of center left and center right maybe Europe is finally getting to the real battle. But the Greens better be playing hardball because the nutter fascists will walk all over them otherwise.
If only the various Green groups here in the US could stop their infighting and petty squabbles and get their shit together we might also be able to begin the real battle …
But today I am putting this result in the win column - emotionally if nothing else!!


Now if only Americans can/will support such critical change. The 100 million or so citizens that did not vote in 2016 need to have an honest electoral process that inspires, not restricts. Primaries not rigged to the the two entrenched circus shows and open, open and fair media exposure for all, political aspects and environmental threats exposed, REAL no BS debates by non-partisan groups, the power of money to control the political process ended, gerrymandering destroyed, disenfranchisement of voting/citizen groups ended, and much more. the US Greens have the best “platform” but are marginalized and not granted the equality of Tweedledee and tweedledumb dominating parties.that serve wealth and power and the war-machine and vulture capitalist exploitation and pollution over all else.


In a nation infected with bothsiderism, as is the U$, I don’t expect much to change here any time soon. Allowing a candidate for president to claim that climate change is a “Chinese hoax” and not challenging said claim illustrates the impotence or just sheer greed of the media. These are very serious times and the U$ is currently being driven by a tiny-handed clown with oversized shoes accelerating in the wrong direction. What could possibly go wrong? Bernie 2020!


I was in and out of the Green Party in Washington state pretty fast. And the biggest reason for that was that as a multitendency party, there were too many Democrats in it for my taste. It felt like being in two parties, including my detested old one.

Social greens (the lefty leaning Greens) need to have their own party. The liberal democrats need to stay in the Democratic party. Because when you constantly have candidates that poll 4-8 percent for a presidential election yet, after intense LOTE appeals, yield maybe 1-2 percent in the general, it tells you the Democratic wing of your party is voting for the D.

This is why I don’t think the Greens are an answer. And we saw specifically why in the 2016 election, when Stein was polling consistently between 7-8 percent! More than enough to finally hit that magic 5% mark that any third party needs to become “serious”. What happened? She picked up a lousy 1 percent. That was a mass defection by your own party at the last minute.

You can’t have a party where most of your members are equally comfortable with one of the Big 2. It just can’t be done. Which is why it hasn’t.

Vote for US Greens now at autonomousdemocracy.org

Login and change your vote anytime until polls close in 2020.


What did the greens accomplish in Germany when they were in power? I recall California greens they were a flop, one woman green candidate turned out to be a phony power hungry lunatic green washing to get votes.

I listened to the BBC news last night. They correctly reported that the Green parties were the big winners, but then they interviewed representatives of the big loser parties and gave extended coverage to the right wing groups. Precisely because the BBC’s editors couldn’t wrap their heads around the Green parties gaining so well, their victories simply could not have happened, so that’s what the BBC reported.

Then it happened again! On (USA) National Public Radio this morning, they reported the facts quickly and then the NPR reporter chose to interview a leader of one of the losing parties, and chose to ask him about the National Front’s big gains at his party’s expense. The poor interviewee was forced to point out to the reporter that his party’s losses were almost not at all to the anti-immigration parties but to “the Liberals and the Greens,” incorrectly putting the Liberals first. The U.S. reporter could not be deterred, asking his victim a followup question about the right wing’s victory.

What this means for the 2020 Democratic primary is that, even though one poll had 96% of the likely voters naming catastrophic climate change as a major issue (and that poll was skewed, so 97% is more likely!), no media editor is going to remotely imagine that this climate change thing has any legs at all. So, after Bernie wins, they’re going to exclusively interview all of the losers to ask them what personal failings caused them to lose.


You mean after the establishment DNC rigs the process to give the nomination to Biden and he loses a close and rigged by the Republicans Electoral College outcome again? I left the Democrats permanently for the Greens after 2016, and I can tell you from experience that both major parties have rigged the process to make it impossible for new or minor parties to gain or keep any traction to build a party. It’s easy to disqualify a party and it’s candidates, but next to impossible to get one off the ground and recognized, and the establishment likes it that way and has no incentives to change it.


The art of a good Con job is to make the “Mark” think that “I only missed it by THAAaaaat much” just a tiny bit, almost had it that time. So they will ignorantly put their money down AGAIN, and lose again.

We have to break this cycle. The Status Quo will fail us - again

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein


I am hopeful we will see a green surge here in Canada come the fall. Sometimes these successes fuel of one another.


IMO there will be no surge from any outside party until the major obstacle is over come, easily hackable voting machines. The numbers in the above posts are telling, yet no one in MSM(no surprise), and even worse, very few at the Alt-Media sites are willing to take a serious look at this issue either. When a candidate is polling at 7-8%, and walks away with 1.5% of the vote, that’s a serious red flag the election was tampered with. A real 4th estate would have been sounding the alarm bells, yet all I here is crickets on the subject.


Here we go again. Including good democrats with the not so good. Why do you think, drone1066 that those “after primary” voters vote democrat instead of Green? It’s simply pragmatic to vote for a potential winner instead of sure loser.
But it’s a free election, sort of, and anyone can vote their conscience instead of a vote that goes for a potential winning party.
I’m one of those non-corporate dems, and take offense when I’m lumped in with the neocons, and neoliberals.

It might be “pragmatic”, but it’s not pragmatic if you’re trying to build your own party. That’s clear in the post you’re ostensibly responding to.

This really wasn’t a hard argument.

You can’t build a third party when a large chunk of that party’s membership is perfectly fine with the political victory of a major party.

It had nothing to do with this babble about “good democrats/bad democrats”. It was about split loyalties and how they prevent third parties from emerging. Read more carefully, and think a bit more first. It can be done.

Nice advice for yourself.


If only, the two corporate parties could stop their infighting, their petty squabbles, and get their shit together, this would be what’s best for America since 95 to 97% of voters support that corruption.

Let’s just remember that the Green Party in this country have only pennies in their pockets compared to millions that the corporate parties possess.

The masses completely overlook the best political platform of the Green Party, and instead buy the lies of the Two-Headed Serpent.

Let’s be clear about who lacks integrity and who deserves any trust.


Nice advice for everyone G who has a conscience about supporting the masses, instead of supporting just the few.

Think about it.

PB, I’m afraid the voters are a long way off. Trumpenstein has an unwavering block of support, Biden just had to throw his hat in the ring to get tremendous up front support. It would be interesting to see the democratic socialists break away from the D party and join forces with the Greens. There are a lot of presently non voters that could be brought into the fold.

Meanwhile the UK has ruled itself irrelevant to this vital issue, choosing to see a vote for a “charismatic” confidence trickster as more important than the many votes cast for the Green and other pro Remain parties.

How does “Green Democrats” sound?