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A Grim New Definition of Generation X

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/01/grim-new-definition-generation-x


The extinction of humanity will likely not be complete, as there will no doubt be pockets of habitable areas. Now mind you there may be violence as to whom gets to live there much like over the course of history. Hyper-financialized capitalism will surely become extinct and it perhaps would have been curtailed had Henry Wallace been on the 1944 ticket as FDR’s running mate, but that’s another matter. I’ll likely be worm food when most of the collapse happens and am now happy that I don’t have any progeny to watch the major part of the strife to come. Nevertheless, let’s all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and find beauty and joy where we can!


In my opinion, Ted Rall seriously damages his credibility as a serious person by linking to an article which treats the suicide cult of McPherson and Drumwright as on a par with thinkers like James Hansen.

Far from representing a consensus of “deep green” thought, Guy McPherson has been quietly called out by the leadership of Deep Green Resistance (Derrick Jensen, Lier Kieth, &c.) as a warning to their membership to stay away from the maniac. Not only is GM an authority on any arbitrary scientific matter, he also styles himself a grief-therapist, so he can tenderly attend to the victims of his shows with private sessions later, associated with sexual assault. (Humiliation, rage, rape, suicide, GM only needs the sunglasses to complete his Jim Jones ensemble – I mean it: The Guyana tragedy lives on with me.)

For what serious people think of this clown, consult RationalWiki. The times we live in are too grave to be messing around with malicious disinformation from frauds like McPherson. All climate disinformation benefits the fossil fuel industry, but McPherson goes the extra mile: He’s even urged readers to waste as much energy and water as possible, in order to hasten the downfall of civilization. Shame on Ted Rall.


Happy New Year Generation X.

While “certain doom” isn’t quite knocking on your door just yet, it’s definitely time to use the lessons your mother and father taught you about right and wrong, and set a course for your future using those lessons.

Becoming politically active is just the start.

Waiting till children are a part of the equation, may be too late to work towards saving the planet for them.

I’m getting to be a little long in the tooth and I don’t have the stamina or energy I had when I wore a younger man’s clothes, so if you’re going to start a revolution of ideas and actions that require all hands on deck, think of the kind of country you desire for your children, and don’t wait too much longer to do so.

Our youth have the most to lose in this game of Russian Roulette that politicians are playing with the future of our planet, so it’s oh so important to open your eyes now.


This is a near totally useless destructive article. The logical conclusion is to enjoy what’s left and then commit suicide when things get too yucky. I think Mr Rall should consult a therapist to deal with his own depression and possibly suicidal thoughts. Or is the whole thing morbid sarcasm? Reductio ad absurdam.
He does make one good point and it is about time, “human population has tripled since the 1950’s”. Over population is the pink elephant in the environmental living room. No one wants to talk about it; but key to reducing consumption and energy use is also reducing the increase in the number of consumers. Clean energy, resource conservation and responsible family planning are the elements in the stew.


Thanks Ted, for pointing out such a shitty outlook on a nice winters morning. Me thinks Ted got up on the very wrong side of the bed before writing this depressing, hopeless piece of defeatist thinking. Go back to bed and try again.


‘Give Greta A Break’
Yes we are f’ked but we are not doomed. Yes the sh*t is starting to hit the fan and overpopulation is getting close on grim but we are resilient and inventive. Yes we are at present incredibly selfish and greedy but not really insane just greedy close on ugly.

Which is scarier? To live in a dystopian horror of heat, drought, fires, civil unrest of humongous proportions and war or to die? My guess is that no matter how bad it gets that virtually all human beings would choose to carry on their lives no matter what.

It isn’t the end of humanity. It is however, the end of the good times. The end of our natural world remaining in it’s ancient balance. It will be too many people who will always be too hot, too hungry, too thirsty, too crazy and too ready to war. It will be crap compared to what we still have but we will be different too.

I keep saying ‘Give Greta A Break’ to all fatalists of the eat, drink and be merry fu’k you crowd or otherwise. She and the young aren’t fighting to give it all up but they are determined to save it. They will live in Rall’s eat, drink and be merry fu*k you world because yeah our much damaged over heated over populated world will continue on no matter how we leave it for those who will follow. Forget the end of humanity! However, do be scared of what the world will be like when there is no end to humanity. Save what’s left of the bountiful Earth (that we still have) because people will still have to live in the world that we make for them… good or otherwise.

Give Greta A Break

It isn’t the end of humanity. We will all still be here. That is the problem - the end is not near but hard times are.


Thanks for the realism, Ted. Most can’t take it.


Slander much? Sourceless insults your forte? Where do you find these rumors?


Bravo Ted Rall, bravo!
A “Wake-Up” call as we blindly dance our last steps


Welcome Frank.

As you may have noticed as you read these articles and our comments, some of us are “positive and hopeful,” and there are many who predict “gloom and doom.”

I have long been part of the former group, and avoided falling into the later one.

Either way, welcome and “write on.”

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Well, haven’t each one of us adults come to terms with the fact that we, personally, were always expected to be done away with? Haven’t we been lectured and woke up to the fact that we can live only one minute at a time. Haven’t we accepted that the past is over and done and unable to be changed and that the future is a crap shoot…almost any thing can happen in the very short future and certainly in the long run, it will. So if any peace is to be found in this life it is RIGHT NOW! This is the moment you really have…THIS one! How are you doing with it? Some of you are probably suffering, but if you are reading this you are cogent and have a computer and the ability to operate it. Isn’t that something to be a little bit happy about…“Oh no…I might not have it tomorrow or next month or next year.” Slow down…Stop. What do you have…right now? Are you enjoying it? If not…wake up. This moment is really all you really know that you have…make the most of it…savour it…and if you get another moment, savour that one too…and so on, and on. And when it ends maybe you will be able to say, “That wasn’t so bad, ws it?”


All fair points by Ted Rall. I did enjoy Caitlin Johnstone’s piece on despair a few weeks ago though:


I plainly sourced my allegation of GM’s sexual predation to Deep Green Resistance. As to the idiocy masquerading as science which has appeared on GM’s site for years, I have personal experience of it. If there’s a fact which you dispute, I could provide more details. But sociopaths like GM are so consistently wacko, it really gets boring. RationalWiki’s summation says everything necessary about GM’s tiresome disinformation, for interested adults.

I would say that your ill-resolved allegation I’m engaged in slander is itself a slanderous smear – at least until you cough up the details which bother you, Guy.


White people, specifically white men born in the 1960s are already seeing their average life expectancies going in the wrong direction. Men between 45 and 65 since about the year George W. Bush became president in 2000, have been dying prematurely at an alarming rate, mostly from suicide, but also from “diseases of despair” to quote Princeton researchers Anne Case and her husband Angus Deaton. The American middle class has already more or less collapsed and that was made up mostly of white Americans. They and their families really aren’t worried about survival of the earth if their families are disintegrating, and they can’t keep from penury. We need a New Deal right now, a genuine government works program, and progressive redistributive taxation as FDR implemented right now.


Look at this crazy boomer trying to pass off blame on gen X as if the extinction of humanity is all the fault of ’ gen X nihilism’…lol. Yeah, those little latch key kids that were dumped off like an unwanted litter of puppies should 've been happier about their circumstances and this whole situation could ve been avoided🙄 Gen X was warning and protesting about all this back in the eighties and early nineties…they used to call us Ecokids.but, people just laughed in our faces and we never had the numbers to go up against much older, larger generations that had all the power and money. We’ve been at war and never had a chance since day one. But, don’t you dare act like we never cared…We were overwhelmed. and forced into survival mode …it’s not our fault everyone else was thirty years too late!


Hunt and gather? Maybe a hundred years ago but not anymore. I seriously doubt the big finale mentality that sees only black and white doom scenarios. For example, just what do people expect will happen in a worst case scenario? People will not suddenly become stupid and governments will not just stop working either. Moreover, as it is starting to happen what will ordinary people be doing? They will do pretty much what they are doing now if they can. People will go to work and farmers will farm as best they can. With irrigation even desserts can grow food.

What will be lost is our natural systems, the fish in the oceans, the forests that will have been burned etc. but people will survive and governments will continue to provide for people over the several decades that it will take to readjust to a new man made version of nature. Things will get bad first but then things will get better in the years after that. While the denialist idiots will cause great grief before even they have to admit that something must be done, eventually they will also demand that things be done to help people (thus helping them). It would be like living in an ongoing major disaster pretty much everywhere but people are really quite amazing once we get going.

I think it is terribly sad that this beautiful and bountiful Earth will suffer catastrophic changes that will diminish the bounty that could have been but is no longer. Like fish in the oceans. We fish to the limit of fish populations until one unanticipated major climate disruption will cause those populations to collapse. Humans will create fish farms which are a pale shadow of what could have been but nevertheless, people will still be able to eat fish etc… Maybe crops in California will become crops in a much warmer Alaska but the crops will be grown etc…

And despite vainglorious self images of heroic survivalism, there would hardly be enough game left if everybody tried to hunt. Also… the vast majority of people are unable to hunt. The problem with the kind of hunting that puts a deer on the hood of a car, is that that is very much a rarity first off and limited in scope. Long term prolonged hunting would clear out the game really quick. Nobody will be able to survive by hunting and fishing. These survival shows are actually flights of the imagination not reality. There just isn’t enough game anymore for any of that living off the land romanticism and very, very, very few of us know how to farm anything. We are all in the same boat when it comes to the future.

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Stupid generational smears are stupid. Every “generation” that has come along has failed to turn this monster aside. Smug potshots are worse than useless. “The system” is the problem, AND, people who fail to recognize and put their lives on the line to resist the system are the problem. Right now, that second category includes the vast majority of EVERY “generation.”

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Rall’s article is certainly unpleasant, but it seems undeniably true to me. The planet is screwed and a worldwide revolution will most certainly not happen. Does anyone truly believe the world’s many countries are all going to get together and vow to start doing the exact opposite of what they’ve been doing? And keep doing it for many decades (maybe a century?) to stop and cure the damage? And then, of course, not go back to a pure-profit system? Of course not. (You couldn’t even get a small town to agree to radical change. How are billions of people going to do it?)


The question then is will humans be able to survive this or not? It is a fact that our ultimate survival as a species is becoming ever more doubtful as events continue to outpace negative predictions in both rapidity and intensity leading to such outlooks as GM and Mr. Rall. To my mind, the reality is that even with survival life on this ravaged planet will be the very definition of hell even if some can live at a primitive basic level - which seems to be the general consensus here. Is that really any better than total annihilation? At any rate, without taking radical immediate action the odds of survival at any level are becoming increasingly slim.