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'A Gross Injustice': House Democrats and Legal Group Challenge Arpaio Pardon


'A Gross Injustice': House Democrats and Legal Group Challenge Arpaio Pardon

Julia Conley, staff writer

House Democrats and a nonpartisan legal advocacy group are both pushing the federal government to challenge President Donald Trump's pardon of former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was convicted last month of flouting a judge's order to end his practice of racially profiling Latinos.


Glad some House Democrats and others are taking some action against this. Trump could leave the courts powerless if he continues down this path and gets away with it. This is the path to fascism.


The diabolical despot has here-to-for NOT been stopped from exercising his monarchical powers and the pardon of Arpaio will remain with DJT goose-stepping onward unfettered, unobstructed, and unabated.


The Republican Party in their complicity with Trump continue to dig their graves deeper and deeper and deeper.


And the Presidencies of Democrats never pardoned unscrupulos scoundrels?
I remember Conyers forming a commitee and then holding it in the smallest roms of Congress to investigat Cheney Bush, who whenever being approached by citizen activist groups dismissed their hard fought for audience with excuse of being to busy to see or just turned and walked away.
of course aftrr a long period of fame and fortune the silence of complicity became, silent.


Why does not the RICO act pertain to those of our elected and their bureaucrat underlings when their personal actions hide facts harmfull to public health, Liberty and Freedoms?


And may they never again see the light of day…


Not once they’re six feet under.


This is the absolutely important news on this topic. A pardon usually carries acknowledgment of guilt. Arpaio’s attorneys are saying his conviction was technically wrongly communicated to him, so he shouldn’t have needed a pardon. Watch for the hearing on October 4.