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A Growing (and Winning) Climate Movement


A Growing (and Winning) Climate Movement

Lena Moffitt

The growing rallying cry of the climate movement, to keep fossil fuels in the ground, is taking hold, and not just in the form of chants and headlines, but in the form of cancelled gas pipelines, rejected LNG terminals, shelved lease sales – all of which would’ve perpetuated the fossil fuel status quo, but which faced mounting and unprecedented public opposition.


It is difficult to judge winning or losing without knowing the context. We need to know how many of these projects have been proposed and how many are going forward and how many have been stopped. One project that I am aware of that is moving forward with construction is Spectra Energy's Alconquin pipeline expansion which will bring fracked gas from Pennsylvania to New England. It has been particularly controversial since since the expanded pipeline will pass under the Hudson River near the Indian Point nuclear power plants where the existing smaller pipeline has been for 40 years. One other project that I believe is going forward is Enbridge's Alberta Clipper pipeline project which would bring tar sands oil though the MidWest. Ultimately its total capacity would be more than the Keystone pipeline would have been. Both of these projects have been the targets of protests but have yet to be stopped.


This article provides a lot of actionable intelligence around the issue of citizen activism and thereby is a terrific antidote to the C.D. chorus of goons who insist that people (as a whole) don't care, and that people (as a whole) are doing nothing and mostly content to watch T.V. and act like sheeple.


After reading Nick Turse's article on his experiences in Souther Sudan, I wonder if the human race is really worth all the fuss we make about Anthropogenic Global Heating. We are just a bunch of baboons which has refused the morals inherent in being being baboons,

Over to you SR: cheer me up!