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'A Guarantee of Not Being Shot Is Impossible': Amnesty Issues Global Travel Warning to All People in the United States

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/07/guarantee-not-being-shot-impossible-amnesty-issues-global-travel-warning-all-people

“More Un-american fake news. We are not a violent country. The United States of America stands for peace, hope and liberty! Can we not just bomb these guys?”

Donald Trump


Is it time yet to ask for political asylum in Canada…?


" A guarantee of not being shot in the U.S. is impossible". And I would add it gets more probable with each passing day that we do not DO SOMETHING!


Gun bans are hardly doable in America. Too many cowboy wannabes. The use of deadly objects like guns and cars must be regulated however. Licensing, gun safety training and liability insurance is a better way.

Suicide prevention by banning guns is a questionable argument. If we can have physician assisted suicide, why not suicide by a gun? In the end it is a personal choice, like having an abortion. Suicides can be prevented by eliminating poverty, the root cause of most suicides.

Bans won’t stop criminals from having guns. They might prevent citizens from protecting themselves, increasingly important as things go south. Gun control should preserve the intent of the second amendment without allowing it to be coopted by conservatives.

The NRA is a right wing megaphone that requires an alternative:



My life was threatened two times here in the “most liberal state in the US”–Vermont and once in another “bastion” of “liberalism”. A violent present results from a violent past. I’ve had as so many others have had spit and insults hurled at me for my politics. In the US the intolerance has reached fever pitch and if you dare to articulate where you stand in opposition to business as usual you have to accept the fact your life will be in danger.


Hmmm America… People need to remember that Lincoln’s shooting was a long time ago----but Kennedy was in 1963—and Reagan was in the 1980s, --------------so listen, world, if presidents are that easy to shoot, then I guess tourists might get a bit edgy too.

. But of course, too, people without the white skin, might be viewed suspiciously too. And as anyone in America can own a gun----maybe Canada would be a better place, and that nation doesn’t ban Muslims either.

Sorry American airlines and bus lines and rent a car places and hotels an motels and AirBNB places-----you all will probably have to get another job or two----as tourism might go away.
. Oh well, with so many angry people and so many guns----I guess America’s new motto is: " To live by the bullet- kills the whole nation. "


Jon, I sent this to Beto — and will share it with other seriously progressive candidates of the new ‘democracy party’ — and thought it would be of interest to you, Portland’s “Common Dreams”, and to better understand the rhythm of our own people on the streets of our city:

“I am always stress-testing my strategy against Emperor Trump and also beta-testing aligned ‘strategic narratives’ best suited to ‘we the people’ employing a Second American people’s peaceful “Political/economic & social Revolution Against Empire” to:


even before 2020, through putting a commensurate % of our citizens non-violently ‘in the streets’, as the Hong Kong people have bravely done.

In line with my beta-testing of effective ‘strategic narratives’ I sent this commentary of my experience in Portland Maine to the “Times”:

“Today was the first day after the murders that I could go to Portland Maine, which along with Portsmouth NH on Sundays, I use both cities every week to demonstrate, protest, and receive direct feed-back (‘in-the-street’ polling) to my ‘strategic narratives’ — which I employ along with a consistent double sided sign which I’ve been using for more than a year, which simply says on one side:


And on the other side under an image of ‘our’ American flag:

“We can’t be an EMPIRE”

Given the vicious, racist, and imperial rhetoric that Emperor Trump used, combined with particularly deadly mass murders during the week-end, I wanted to test people’s reactions to some new commentary to beta-test on walkers, passing cars, truck drivers, WCSH 6 (Tegna TV) reporters, and police, et al.

Aside from the sign as a constant, I began firing various test “Shouts (not shots) heard round” Portland — if not the world, such as:

“Emperor Trump claimed that he could shoot someone on 5th Ave. and get away with it” I shouted — but then added, “ coward ‘bone-spur’ doesn’t have the courage to actually pull the trigger, but he is an indirect ACCOMPLICE to the murders in El Paso and Dayton — because he prompts, promotes, and propagandizes his ill-informed base of ‘useful idiots’ (lumpenproletariat) to actually murder multiple America citizens, as if by remote control.”

The reaction of Portlanders and tourists in town to my ‘strategic narrative’ melded with my sign of DUMP EMPEROR TRUMP was strikingly effective.”

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One of my relatives almost lost her life when another nut case killed several people in Alaska several years ago. She was very fortunate because she was riding her bike and left just before the carnage. That was too close for comfort! The gunman was shot dead by the police so I never knew his motive.

Another relative whom I knew well, was robbed and murdered in downtown Anchorage. One has to wonder: WHO IS NEXT?

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Just cross the border and say “I want asylum”. The Canadian taxpayer will keep you fed, housed etc . There’s something called the Singh Decision basically says. “Tough luck. He’s here gotta pay for him”. You’ll be scheduled for a hearing whenever they have time for you. In the mean time enjoy.

I am recalling how it was said that the “west” was not wild until the arrival of the white man.

My experiences do not compare to what you describe. We do have to wonder who is next. Wishing you and yours safety and peace.

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I agree that there probably is no putting that genie back in the bottle.
Not because there is no way of removing all the guns in an equitable manner, but because millions of semi sentient savages will violently resist any such efforts if the political will ever manifests.
Legislation seems the obvious alternative, but aside from the arms industry owning 9 out of every 10 lawmakers, all the gun lobby has to do when gun control comes up is start screaming about how the big bad gubmint is coming for your guns and any legislative proposals go straight out the window.
My solution may be considered radical, but i dare say it would solve the problem once and for all and as a bonus the NRA is likely to back it.
Instead of restricting the nutjobs to machine guns and assault rifles i say we go ahead and give them all missiles, bazookas and even a nuke or two.
The problem would then solve itself and the collateral damage should be well within the limits of what the US army deems acceptable.


Also, I think in this case we had a coward that had no social skills. Certainly not enough to confront the proper people for redress.

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Alcoholism and poverty are common causes in Alaska. But there are other crazies around as well.


“The action called attention to the extent to which all aspects of life in the United States have been compromised in some way by unfettered access to guns, without comprehensive and uniform regulation of their acquisition and use. By prioritizing gun ownership over basic human rights, the U.S. government is willfully and systematically failing on multiple levels and ignoring its international obligations to protect people’s rights and safety.”

How sad is this? We should start by trying to get all unregistered guns as well as semi and autos, and all related components, out of circulation. Maybe a buy-back - make it worth it, no penalties. These “red flag” discussions are not the answer and have multiple drawbacks including regarding fairness and due process. We should consider military conscription here - it seems these countries have a healthy respect for weaponry and the costs of war. They also have lower rates of gun violence. We should be more knowledgeable about how the military operates and all have a say about conflicts we may be involved in.

If you say so…

I went through a Cabela’s flyer recently & was quite taken aback by the variety available - both manufacturers & calibers. I wonder how many pages these flyers are in the US.

That could work if they used them on each other, but…


I was not entirely serious of course, but the majority of gunshot wounds are accidental so in that scenario they probably would bear the brunt of it.


Hello Jon Queally and Everyone, The Amnasty International warning should be strengthened. If you are coming to the US aka GUN KRAZY LAND you need to have your head examined many times. Clothing must include full body armor… If all that has happened and you have not traveled to the US then see if you can do what you need to do but outside of the US. Have your head examined many more times. Don’t come here unless you have a low value of life yours or others.