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A Guide to Why the Trump-Republican Tax Plan is a Disgrace (for When you Confront Your Republican Uncle Bob During the Holidays)

A Guide to Why the Trump-Republican Tax Plan is a Disgrace (for When you Confront Your Republican Uncle Bob During the Holidays)

Robert Reich

Rubbish, baloney, and other GOP tax lies

tax scam

Reich is absolutely correct. This tax plan will do the exact opposite of everything that they claim!


Neither side is particularly addressing important environmental constraints that make the eternal growth paradigm a time bomb. Until ecological considerations are brought into “economic” decisions, we are doomed. There is no longer room on the planet to hide the “economic” externalities. We need some adults at the table who will acknowledge this publicly.


"Thou Shalt Not Lie "

The Republicans are waging a War on Christian Values.

Their’s is the kingdom of Satan. They are his puppets.

Puppets are not people.

The puppets destruction is at hand.

Trump promised that this coming February we would see greater paychecks, and not because of less withholding, but because our employers would want to pay us more.

This is what happens when you get numerous gerrymandered districts that are safe for Republicans, a president who won an election because of massive interference by Russia which Trump may or not have been part of, tens of thousands of people voting in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin for a left wing third party candidate with no chance of winning instead of the only candidate who could have defeated Trump, and some very strange actions by the head of the FBI which basically turned around the outcome at the last minute. Probably there is not much we can do (but don’t stop calling) but ring in the New Year and try harder in 2018 to elect candidates who believe they are sent to Washington primarily to serve the people.

GOP tax cuts WILL result in the 1% and their corporations investing more money…buying even more politicians in the US and abroad so they will be able to shaft the 99% in other nations as badly as Murkins get shafted by the 1% and the politicians they own.


It’s the repug. way. Ever notice that every plan they come up with is named the opposite of what it will do, (like “No Child Left Behind” leg). It’s how they sell their crap to their working class supporters.


According to Col. Larry Wilkerson (Ret.), Former Chief of Staff to Gen. Colin Powell in The Real News Network, there is no hope for the planet as long as we wage endless war and continue to support the military industrial complex.


Thom Hartmann in “Rebooting the American Dream”, Chapter. 2, several times in our history, when we have cut the marginal income tax below 70 per cent, the economy has gone into recession. A case in point was during Ronald Reagan’s presidency. The great recession of 2008 was/is the result of G.W. Bush cutting the tax on unearned income to 15 per cent. Increasing the marginal income tax during the Eisenhower presidency to 91 per cent resulted in a prolonged period of economic prosperity.

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I’ve been hearing that same Repuke fairy tale for years.

I agree with Reich overall (and would gladly support him for a speculated Senate (CA) run.

But on point 1(1), I will say again that the argument that the fact that our average effective corporate tax is way under 35% is not a good argument to leave the rate at 35% and leave all our rules in place that allow accountants to play tricks to get the rate under 15% (or all the way to 0%) in some cases. Some companies will still get stuck with 35%. Some of those companies may be small family owned and playing fully by the rules in all aspects (labor, environmental, etc.). Maybe they don’t have the extra money to pay accountants to do these tricks - maybe they are against playing tricks in the first place. The fairness argument applies to them not to GE or Boeing obviously. We should have reduced the rate to 25% and we should have taken away most of the deductions (unless they help the environment - some investment for pollution mitigation that is beyond what is required could be rewarded and paid for partially by tax reduction) so that the average rate is around 22% not the teens which it will be now (since I’m sure all the crazy deductions are still in place).

I see you are still deflecting. Unless you are finally admitting that Bernie Sanders is “…the only candidate who could have defeated Trump.”

This bill is a massive increase in tax liability on the middle class.

Middle class families that benefit relatively little or nothing under this tax bill will still have to weigh in to pay for the deficits caused by this bill and, from here on, pay a larger proportion of total taxes and government expenditures than has hitherto been the case, compared to the new lower proportion payable by the wealthy,. This changed proportion, subtle as this may be, is a surreptitious massive increase in taxes for the middle class, and transfer of wealth to the top. For example, the wealthy’s share of the National debt of $20T just went down, and the middle class’s share went up.

Republicans despoil, Democrats betray.