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A Guided Tour of the ‘Alt-Right,’ by the Trump Campaign Chief’s Website


A Guided Tour of the ‘Alt-Right,’ by the Trump Campaign Chief’s Website

Jim Naureckas

“We’re the platform for the alt-right,” Donald Trump’s new campaign CEO, Stephen Bannon, told Mother Jones‘ David Corn (8/22/16)—”we” meaning Breitbart News, the online news outlet that Bannon headed until he was picked to run the turbulent Trump campaign.


It's a shame that the article only breifly mentions the manosphere, because the overlap of the groups is profound. I left this link in another thread, but it deserves repeating: We Hunted The Mammoth

It's a site that tracks the New Misogynists, and there's a LOTabout Milo on that site. Of course, be warned that you'll be seeing some genuinely terrible things there, because they cover genuinely terrible people.

Anyway, the "alt-right" is, yes, exactly what this article says it is. Now they have funding. Thanks, Trump.


This article doesn't do justice to the Breitbart piece (I have no idea whether either of them does justice to the "alt right"). I'd recommend to read the original to understand why the 2 authors must be laughing at Naureckis for predictably being so earnest about trying to pin the "racist" label on the alt-right and make that the message of his piece. They are not just enthusiastic cheerleaders-- apparently this thing about not "self-censoring" is something they take seriously. They express concerns about many things other than the 1488ers, and several times adopt an attitude of blaming the "establishment" for creating this mess, as if they are a bit sorry that the world has turned out this way, and really wish for the progressive world of kumbaya that they claim is impossible.


So we agree then that Trump and his Trumpian supporters and apologists are Nazis at heart?


There used to be a time when the alternative to "right" was "left". This slicing and dicing of language is meant to confuse and obfuscate truth and reality. IMO, the alt-right exists in an alt-universe where alt-time ticks in reverse.


There are two items that should be mentioned in association with the sickening ilk drawn to Alt-Right ideas.

First, it targets young males because they are angry, they have lots of untapped aggression, and by creating a forum where their anger is welcome, some of these unstable individuals will find REAL targets to take their wrath out on.

Second, cartoons use humor to make light of the darkest aspects of some peoples' twisted beliefs. When people are conditioned to laugh at things that are cruel or dangerously prejudicial towards particular groups, the humor makes the odious more acceptable. And that is precisely why it's utilized.

It's very disconcerting that this forum's HATERS of Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and lately, Bernie Sanders see no real problem with Trump. They are forever comparing him--without a track record in politics--to the pro-war track record of the Clintons.

I've spent a lot of time explaining that the Clintons were tapped to merge both parties into one entity loyal to big business interests; and since in the U.S. (under Mars rules) a key business interest is the making of war, the Clintons have been loyal water-carriers for the MIC.

Of course they are dangerous!

However, a principled opposition to our nation's dynastic rule is found in Ms. Stein.

On the other hand, those who play down what Trump is all about either are fools, closet fascists, or part of the authoritarian lock-down that's already in place in the form of all those newly hired Homeland security goons, TSA goons, border control goons, and private mercenary forces added to a massive existing infrastructure of armed gendarmes consisting of: police departments, sheriff departments, highway patrol departments, DEA, CIA, FBI, marine patrol, Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Navy Seals, etc. AD NAUSEUM.

There cannot BE freedom, neither Civil Liberties within a military state. The U.S. is very close to that status already... and Trump would place the cherry on the cake.


Thank you for mentioning this.

It's also no coincidence that this forum's Trump supporters (who show up here daily) happen to be white males. They show ZERO interest in matters that concern women, the Black community, Muslims, or Latinos. Their self-interest and wish to protect a diminished status (as society's long-term dominators) grants them close to ZERO empathy for other groups. That explains why they find it so easy to dismiss Trump's racism and sexism... always by comparing him to Mrs. Clinton.

The Clintons should be called the New Republicans since they gutted the Democratic Party and made it a willing accomplice to the corporate takeover of our nation.

The real problem is that Big Money owns both parties and both serve the interests of the 1%.

Those who happen to be white males dismiss anything they can tie to "identity politics" since it's not their identities (or life choices and options) that are on the line.

Empathy deficit = Trump supporter.


I think you are painting with a very broad brush here. Doing so weakens your own argument. I am a white male, and I assure you I am not defined by this sentence. So much of what you say on this forum has merit that I am just suggesting caution. Miigwech.


Obviously not all white males march lockstep with Trump's racist, sexist ideology that holds crowd-appeal for mostly angry white males. But it is a FACT that Trump's most enthusiastic base consists of angry white males and the Fundamentalist Christian females who have been indoctrinated by their fathers, brothers, husbands, and patriarchal church officials to see the world in very narrow "us versus them" terms.

Sanders is a white male and I felt major support for him. There are many white males who "get it," but that doesn't change the fact that white males make up the basis of this nation's business, academic, military, banking, and corporate hierarchies.

Since many feel a threat to their power and control (in being asked to share power and resources with women and people of color), this old guard made up of white males is "fighting back." They want to retain THEIR dominance. This same ilk forms the basis of right wing organizations, too.

Remember how Occupy Wall Street featured "Privilege Check"?

Again, that does not mean that ALL white males take this view. However, the composition of the groups mentioned indeed consists primarily of white males.


“The Intellectuals”: These, according to Breitbart, are what separates the alt-right “above all else” from “from old-school racist skinheads (to whom they are often idiotically compared)”: They “are a much smarter group of people…. They’re dangerously bright.”

Trying to separate race from wealth inequality is just stupid.


I thought Alt-Right was how to get into your computer's BIOS settings. :relaxed:

All the slicing and dicing, hair splitting and expert knowledge of something, racism, that's a blunt tool in practice is somewhat mind boggling. Sort of like becoming an expert on mud, except mud's much more useful. Breitbart has some fairly smart people on board but what they do with their brainpower is pitiful. Even more pitiful are "The Intellectuals" ('First kill the intellectuals." Don't bother.), people who fabricate ridiculously convoluted reasons to spread and practice hate as an art, starting from untenable premises that make their efforts moot. They're not "dangerously bright" in any way except maybe in comparison to the other groups mentioned.

The Bokhari and Yiannopoulos piece cited mentions "...grassroots appetite for more robust protection of the Western European and American way of life…" Really? Who'd a thunk? There's a grassroots movement underway to protect conservatism? This has been going on for two centuries. The conservative-progressive tug of war is a vital part of our society; it's important and there have been myriad variations of both positions.

Did I really read "...intellectuals would also argue that culture is inseparable from race...?" How? Another weak premise. It could only be true in a very micro sense. The only thing inseparable from race is race.

If this Ctrl-Alt-Delete-Right ( a better name!) thing is going to go anywhere, the people formulating the manifesto should realize prospective members are going to read and reread all the junk they write, picking fly poop from pepper and may just find the poop! Will it matter? IDK, maybe some, there's always a huge supply of et up malcontents looking to latch onto a hate machine created by bozos making money off others' failings.


Just do a "ctrl-alt-del" on the "alt-right"!


Many of Trump's supporters are not white supremacists but many are. That seems to be the problem. His failure to renounce the white supremacists who support him should be unacceptable for a nominee of a major political party. It does seem that he cannot say no to anyone who praises him whether it is Putin or a white supremacist. And anyone who criticizes him he attacks with a vengeance. Seems to me there is something seriously wrong with Trump upstairs. He must have praise and he cannot accept criticism.


Folks, do not underestimate Trump!
According to Greg Palast, Trump along with the RNC, are planning on rigging the election for POTUS and as bad as HRC is, Trump is the most dangerous candidate for POTUS that I have ever seen in my lifetime, even worse than George Wallace! The modern Brown shirts have already set in place plans to purge millions from the voter registrations and most will not even know until they try to vote and by then it may be too late.

According to Greg, just like Jeb Bush and the RNC stole the vote from Gore in Florida by purging the voter rolls of minorities, among other nefarious deeds, they are planning to the same thing in 2016.