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A Healthcare Industry Built on Premature Death

A Healthcare Industry Built on Premature Death

Roqayah Chamseddine

In Indiana, a school superintendent is facing three felony charges after using her son's insurance in January to help a sick student access a doctor and prescription antibiotics. Dr. Casey Smitherman, who on February 1 resigned from Elwood Community School Corporation, has helped the 15-year-old student before, according to reports: She purchased his clothes, and even helped clean his house.

We need community healthcare centers in every neighborhood as a start----and the focus should be on MENTAL HEALTH. Community gardens and meditation areas----and open space for people to play. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM–SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

Healthcare Insurance companies make their money by denying healthcare, NOT by providing healthcare.

Every multi-million dollar CEO salary in any healthcare insurance company is proof of people suffering or dead to pay that CEO. They are parasites of the first order. That industry needs to die fast.

I shocked the crap out of an evangelical co-worker (who home schools her kids) by telling her that. She responded that she never had thought of it that way before

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For the deluded institutionalist predators - take a stand for it in the middle of the fast lane of an interstate with you counterpart with 18 wheels.