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A Hint of Hell: Fires in Canada and Pipeline Dishonesty


A Hint of Hell: Fires in Canada and Pipeline Dishonesty

Winona LaDuke

The firestorm in Alberta's Fort McMurray grew eight times as large in a couple of days—engulfing more than 600,000 acres.

Not just one fire, it was series of fires, and as the fire enlarged, it created its own storm systems.

The fire has not yet been put out, although it moved away from the city, ravaging the Wood Buffalo National Park and forests in the north.


The power of corruption needs only to have a few key people in places where they control decisions. People act as if governments are crooked but in fact it is the people in government that are crooked. The 'why would they' question doesn't make sense when referring to a government agency but it makes perfect sense (though harder to prove) when considering a crooked politician or agency head or committee.

Why would they approve another pipeline? Probably because they have already taken the money to approve it a long time ago.


The pipeline a long ways from a done deal. The Mayors of all the Cities it passes through here in the Lower mainland are opposed to it. The majority of British Columbians are opposed to it. In spite of this the NEB determines it in "the publics best interests" in essence saying we know better than you what it in your best interests.


Well as many tribal members have noticed in the past, these guys (PUC)are just liars and thieves and when someone dies from their decisions then they also are murders. The tribes know what the deal is. It's the Eurocentric folks that hold out some enlightenment hope that is false in the final analysis. Of course the Minnesota PUC is totally incapable of making an environmental decision. It can only make a business decision, and we all know where that goes to. It is time to stop funding agencies such as this, agencies who's hands are in the pockets of the energy boys. Funding to the energy boys should also be stopped by cutting off subsidies and closing the tax loopholes. Further action would be to fill the pipelines with concrete and close them down for good. Then spike the roads that are used by the energy boys to get to and from the drill and mining sites. What else can be done? Much in everyway.


The reporting by Canadian media has been carefully vetted and is rife with a positive spin full of prevarications and obfuscations. No mention is made about the toxic tailing ponds or Benzene possibly fueling flames. The Guardian (England) seems to be the only news outlet with any truthful, factual coverage. The First Nations People in Canada and Native Americans in the US suffer enormous destruction and devastation to their people and their lands at the hands of the oil brigands. Profit over people...no matter the cost to all life.


Please stop telling other people to commit acts which might endanger them or others. Are you going to go up there and spike a road as you so casually suggested? What if someone is killed driving on that road? What is wrong with you? What would you do then? Would you then say 'oh gee, I never intended for someone to be killed. They shouldn't have listened to me anyway!'

Please stop telling people to do something you aren't going to do yourself but yet you want someone else to do it and take all the risks? You should be ashamed of yourself for acting the provocateur while sitting safe at home.


The governments along the Enbridge proposed pipeline remind me of the famous picture of the three monkeys covering their ears, eyes and mouth and bearing the caption of "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil".

On a completely unrelated issue, with a name like Winona LaDuke, this gal was named to sing country music and needs to be on the Grand Ol' Opry! "Winona La Duke, a little bit Injun, a little bit Cajun, and 100% pure country music magic!"

Speaking of music, a snippet from Joni Mitchell's great classic, "Sex Kills":

"And Indian chiefs with their old beliefs know
The balance is undone-crazy ions-
You can feel it out in traffic;
Everyone hates everyone!

And the gas leaks
And the oil spills
And sex sells everything
And sex kills ...
Sex kills ..."


Great article. Dear Winona LaDuke, my organization is trying to help reduce the waste that takes place during disasters by leveraging technology to get the right products to the right people and the right time. It is called Good360.org. I found the statistics from Munich RE about how 20% of the worlds GDP will be needed to combat all types of disasters in the next 5 years. Where can I find that research from Munich RE that states that?


Hi, great article. Where did you find the statistic from Munich RE about 20% of world's GDP used to combat disasters in next 5 years? Thank you.