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A History of News and Justice in the Americas

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/24/history-news-and-justice-americas

Just checking to see if anyone’s pulling in a cogent transmission from the words of this essay.

Please speak up, Commons. Help me out here. The question I have is: “Wha…?”

Hi Aleph_Null:

The thesis isn’t all that clear, until I got to the end. Who controls the news controls the message to those who are not familiar with the subject matter. As communication in America was slow until the post office and newspapers became more available, it was still true that those with power and money controlled most of the news. But even though things improved black, Hispanic and Asian people were either stereotyped or ignored.
That’s still true, as facebook is not a place to look for truth, but then neither is the NY Times for much of the time.Like Poe said, the printing press changed everything, as did radio and TV, but still there are only a few who control the flow of information–and THAT is still a big problem! : ( For racial minorities and for a lot of women----having the public’s ear is still a problem. It’s impossible to have equality when access to information is ignored or deleted—or denied. : (

Hi stardust (such a classic melody, I must say!),

I’m afraid your explanation leaves me – I can’t say more confused, but I remain utterly lost. I don’t follow basketball, so I didn’t catch the name of the genius who recently explained that James is definitely the best-ever all-around basketball player, but Jordan is the best of all time. I find myself in a place where rewinding the tape carefully and playing it again doesn’t seem to help. Sorry!

I’ll confess my tomfoolery scantily conceals a dread I’m accumulating toward academic-speak – full of fancy words everybody in-the-know should understand, so we never have to define them, like intersectionality. My intense allergy to postmodernism largely derives from the fine work of devoted prankster Alan D. Sokal, infamous author of:

Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity

An awesome composition in the annals of utter uncut, unadulterated bullshit, through and through. But so indistinguishable from a non-parody to the eminent editors of (postmodernist or maybe postconstructivist… postwhateverist) Social Text that they chose to feature it in a special issue defending postmodernism from those of us who think it’s all a bunch of nonsense.

Hi! Indeed, they did not publish the final version. Here is the intro:

“Why hasn’t Social Media been more effective in bringing forth Social Justice? Some would argue that it has, by connecting people, trending the resistance against racism, and being useful in court — showing how police reports do not match the evidence widely publicized by civilians. Indeed, evidence leading to public outcry online has had concrete outcomes in trials and prevented impunity, as we’ve seen recently with the Ahmaud Arbery case. “It took two months, a leaked video and a public outcry” [Washington Post] for an arrest to happen. But, even with the explicit evidence of what happened circulating on social networks, many still argue that this case doesn’t make widespread racialized violence evident. Since the end of the Civil War, there has been a tendency to deal with racialized violence as isolated cases, even when it began to manifest itself as organized by the Ku Klux Klan. So, how effectively can these new technologies destabilize the racist structures of our society?”

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HI Aleph_Null it’s easier to understand humanity when you’ re actually in front of them and watching the body !anguage—as opposed to just hearing or reading the words.
Here’s an easy example. Find the Video when Colin Powell is explaining—ok lying about Iraq. Turn down the sound so you only have his facial expressions and his body language.
It is so much easier to find lies when the body can tell so much.His actions physically, did not match the words he was saying.
The NY TIMES has this problem as we mostly see just the words—Now some writers are brilliant in exposing through words, but I think that most people find the body actions more truthful.
However, when history books get things wrong, it often becomes almost impossible for the TRUTH to get out. That’s why politics is so annoying! ( See Trump speaking in South Dakota And too , this is why so much of major media is a fai!. People are lucky when they have teachers and professors who a!!ow and encourage the students to question “history books,” as rea!!y the history depends on who is doing the writing. : )


Hi Mima_Wabi-Sabi:

That was a wonderful intro I wish it had been inc!uded! The truth of what is coming is near when you say the name : Ahmaud Arbery. The news is often vapid or incomplete too. I think that TRUTH arrived in a horrifying way, as Chauvin put his weight on George Floyd’s neck----ignoring his cries for he!p as if a man’s !ife was worth nothing.
I know what you mean about social media—it is NOT the news—and I think that people forget that. But seeing a man die in front of us--------George Floyd is the Everyman for a!! of us—no matter the gender nor the race------it does make a person sad!y wonder, from Michae! Brown in Ferguson----Justice is sti!! not served very often. WE the Peop!e truly need to work together—because after viewing that video, we are a!! potential victims now.
AND as for changing the racist structures----a ce!! phone is tru!y an amazing device and this might be the way to make po!ice and others to realize that WE are in a brave NEW Wor!d—it’s been a long time coming—but it’s here now! : )

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