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A Hit Dog Will Holler: Unbalanced Bully Pummels Free Press, Yanks Credentials and Likely Plans To Just Keep At It

A Hit Dog Will Holler: Unbalanced Bully Pummels Free Press, Yanks Credentials and Likely Plans To Just Keep At It

Things Moving Fast Dept: With the firing of racist elf Jeff Sessions, it's hard to keep up with our Constitutional unraveling. But key among the day's horrors was the chilling spectacle of our babbling, vengeful tinpot wannabe berating and abusing reporters before having a toady try to wrestle a mic from CNN's resolute Jim Acosta - who then swiftly found himself banned from his job. Beware: The clown is now a cornered dog who will not stop anytime soon. Given the dangers ahead, we call on Thomas Jefferson: "The only security of all is in a free press."

And even with all of that evidence of how dangerous this fascist truly is, what does Nancy Pelosi do? Well she promises to “work boldly” in a “bipartisan” fashion with Trump and Republicans, that’s what.


the american people showed trumpy just where he stood and what we thought of him and his antics. he is lashing out as his personality demands it in order to feel better then anyone else. he truly hasn’t learned that he works for us yet.


Did you write her and tell her that is not your choice going forward? Did you write or call your representative and tell them what you expect of them?

The nobility in the press conference is that of one citizen questioning another citizen. Trump debases that ideal.


“This…is a threat to our democracy.”

This is rich, coming from CNN of all places. What Free Speech? Is it the kind that has Julian Assange kept as a prisoner in England for 8 years for practicing journalism? Where’s CNN’s defense of him?


Yes. I’m reminded of a sign I carried to D.C. for the pro-peace rally on the eve of Gulf War 1 that read “We Don’t Need No Thought CNN-trol” (with apologies to Pink Floyd). As with Brand D contenting itself with being Not-Twump, CNN contents itself with being Not-Fox. There’s nobody on staff at any of the cable news channels who’s fit to carry Assange’s briefcase, including Acosta.

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Pelosi is soooo corrupt!


And why wouldn’t she feel bold when she faces no consequences?

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Well well, a pathetic rhetorical question just chock full of assumptions.

Go cluck yourself.

Why not just make your clucking point already.

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No kidding. Example A are the replies I’m getting for daring to speak the truth about Pelosi. It’s incredible, even after she helped drive the get away car for all of the crimes committed by the Bush Administration.

It’s as if these people have no memory of “impeachment is off the table” Pelosi.

Pattern recognition isn’t a strong suit for them apparently, even AFTER quite clear evidence she will do the very same thing this time.


Every picture I see of Trump supporters reminds me of how easy it is these days to take a picture of a collection of people and be assured they are all equally stupid.

My greatest hope is that Trump, by the time Mueller and the Democratic House get through with him, will be wishing for his own personal ruby slippers.

Wag the dog! Expect The Donald once he fires General “mad dog” Mattis (who is the main man holding back efforts to prosecute such an endeavor, to assemble the war cabinet he needs to have his next triumphal distraction–war(s) with Israel against Gaza and Syria, and Iran.
Then all this piffle about corruption and craziness will be forgotten and a commie style victory parade of military units will prance down Pennsylvania avenue to cheering throngs of war profiteers.


HI Psychedelic_Chicken:
Maybe she thinks she’s channeling Captain Kirk from the old Star Treck, and so she will go and "work boldly where no DEMOCRATIC MAN has gone before! " That’s all I can figure out , because the word “boldly” has so many different dimensions. : )

Too much corporate cash on the line. Nothing of significance will happen.

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