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A Holiday Reminder: Give Thanks for the Groups Who Resettle Refugees, and Live Up to American Ideals


A Holiday Reminder: Give Thanks for the Groups Who Resettle Refugees, and Live Up to American Ideals

Joan Walsh

In the shadow of terror attacks in Paris and Bamako, Mali, with the world closer to a widening war thanks to Turkey’s shooting down a Russian warplane, it’s hard to approach a holiday like Thanksgiving. It’s always a little tough: each year we celebrate a saccharine myth about the peaceful coming together of two peoples, those who lived on this continent to begin with, and those who came here, some of them refugees from religious persecution.


My Christmas wish is that every person with investments tell their brokers to divest their investments from weapons and war development.


To be rid of islamaphobia the people of the USA need to come to terms with their history: So, on that note and less we remain comatose here is a link to read and consider, http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/33788-the-thanksgiving-myth-reflecting-on-land-theft-betrayal-and-genocide

And another:


In a democracy, no subject - including religion - is exempted from criticism. All major religions, whether monotheistic or not, include in their texts or in their practices or both highly unethical, immoral appeals in support of violence. Included in this violence is the dehumanizing of females throughout the world, but unfortunately is currently prominent in many extant Islamic theocracies. There is no reason to pretend otherwise by calling reference to these negative practices Islamaphobia.


No nation now in existence is devoid of violence in the history of its establishment - not one, and this was also true of the peoples who were the first to settle in North America - American Indian tribes not only warred among themselves to establish territorial rights but they also enslaved people they conquered. Let's not romanticize inter-tribal relations - some tribes were less warlike than others, but they had to engage in battle when attacked by other tribes. When Europeans invaded and conquered those who were already here, they behaved as they had done in Europe - made war upon those who would not yield to violent aggression, just as Christian European nations did in Europe against one another, "good Christians" all.


The USA has so much more homegrown, pervasive violence than any of these refugees could begin to bring in. Your post is sickening. Go back to the Donald Trump site.