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'A Horrifying Prospect': Education Nominee DeVos Faces Growing Opposition


'A Horrifying Prospect': Education Nominee DeVos Faces Growing Opposition

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In a scathing memo sent Monday to Donald Trump's pick for education secretary, Betsy DeVos, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) joined a growing chorus of opposition to the nominee, probing her past support for "privatizing and defunding K-12 education" as well as her "paper-thin record on higher education and student debt."


How are these cabinet picks up for a vote when they haven't been vetted or approved by the Ethics department? None of them, including Trump should be voted on until the vetting is done the way it always has been done.
Where's Trumps tax returns? Come on Dems, stop this circus now.


Betsy Devos' superior, all-knowing, and power-confirming stare reminds me of a 19th century high class robber baroness.


That photo with this article makes her look like she is very pleased with herself, doesnt it? She also looks like she is 'looking down her nose' at all we peons -- Goddess is it past time for the guillotine!


CounterPunch had an interesting article by Paul Street this week-end: http://www.counterpunch.org/2017/01/06/hillary-clinton-and-the-installation-of-authoritarian-right-wing-regimes-in-the-americas/
It answers a few of the questions we 'leftists' have been asking, and continue to ask about this latest voting debacle.


Just another billionaire whose head should be on a pike.


Is vetting mandated by law? If it is not the Dems don't have the power to get anything.


Coming to your town now: War of the Roses 1.1


This article is despicable. Sounds like a Putin-powered P.O.S.


I agree, and the rethugs running of a "man" who hates the disabled should be disqualified.


Frankly, I do not know what these billionaires want with more power- why can't they just be grateful and happy? Also, a billionaire who insists on a salary when millions of people lost everything because of them should be tried for treason.


(Sigh) Paul Street once had a pretty good head on his shoulder. He used to focus on street-level organizing against injustice in the US Midwest, rather that conspiracy-theory laden obsessing about powerful actors. And he is STILL going on about how the Great and Wise Bernie was going to be our savior.

It is no accident that his screeds no longer appear on Z Net or Z Magazine but instead he has joined the nuts on Counterpunch.


Actually some of them are not asking for a salary. Even the salary of the POTUS ($400K) is chump-change to a typical corporate CEO. But by not getting a salary, they hope to be regarded as non federal employees for the purpose of financial disclosure and conflicts of interest.


Good grief. However, don't buy the koolaid that they sell when they are not taking a salary. They are still OUR employees not the opposite way around.


It tells me Mrs. Clinton doesn't think much of fixing elections or undermining elected official's here and all over the world.


This must be from a Trumper or a troll


Way too many people, with way too much money, in this country!


The French of 1789 knew what to do with their people with way to much money. Maybe one day we'll get a clue: like it or not, this problem won't be solved in a ballot box.


Just because she is a billionaire does not make her qualified. Also, picking someone who hates public schools when over 90% of the kids in the Us attend them makes no sense at all.


Yes- Marie Antoinette being dragged in the streets. This is a problem of greed and instant gratification in the land of the overfed, and TV addicted. Want to see a gunman shoot people at an airport ( which is horrific) just turn on the TV.