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A 'Hothouse' Future for Humanity: Scientists Behind Terrifying Climate Analysis Hope They Are Wrong




You think therefore you are, you are therefore you’re an asshole.


The international climate meetings are supposed to be how to pull it all put together but that hasn’t worked very well. Most recently, Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. I certain don’t have all the answers but a no-brainer is to do whatever you can to election a Democrat as president in 2020. Beyond that we have to do whatever we can to get state and local governments to take action. Each country has to pull its share of the road but there are also many interactions among countries at the national government level and at the grassroots lever. In our country what right now is needed the most is Democratic control of the executive and legislative branches but efforts most still go on no matter which party is in control at the federal level. Obviously, support of the Paris Climate Accord is a must. But the goals needed to be stronger if it is to ever have a really meaningful effect.


There are some prolific posters here who can’t seem to shut up about it (without ever adding a single constructive suggestion beyond “stop having babies,” mind you).


The one feedback loop totally ignored by the cult of natalism is the one where people have more kids, who then use more stuff, who then have more kids, who then use more stuff, who then have more kids…

The natalism police then tell anyone who mentions this that they must shut up, or else be accused of disrupting the sports mentality of capitalism versus socialism.

Those mentioning this obvious feedback loop are then indicted on charges of being either a part of the Koch brothers, or against family values, depending on which team the police support.


When corpses were removed from the Nazi’s gas chambers they were found piled atop each other in an inverted cone shape - the strongest had climbed on top of the weakest to get the last gasp of fresh air before the Zyklon-B filled the room.

That’s exactly our situation now. Those with power and influence are taking care of themselves at the expense of the rest of us. They’ve got their private planes and yachts, their getaway locations and underground bunkers, their bloated bank accounts.

With a few notable exceptions they are not using their power and influence to mitigate the problem; they are simply taking care of themselves.

They’ll live a bit longer than the rest of us.
But not certainly.

Collectively we kissed off our last chance decades ago.
The feedback loops are already here - they are not a “strong maybe” in the future.

The Arctic is warming and melting. The warming has stalled the jet streams that circulate weather patterns, meaning that once the heat or rain settle in they stay, meaning droughts and fires on the one hand and floods on the other. And the melting is already contributing to coastal flooding.

Crops are failing. One eighth of human deaths are caused by pollution. Our water systems are broken. Our foods contaminated with chemicals. The air most people breathe is unsafe. The global refugee crisis has surpassed numbers seen at the end of WW2.

… and there are way too many of us …

This scenario is not in the future. It is now. To pretend “we have more time” is insane.

The only sane action is to collectively find new ways to live in the little time we have left.


They will also call you a “eugenics supporter.” When labor is freely expendable, as it is from having too many people, wages remain flat or falling for 30 years or more, as they have in the US. When workers are expendable because you have too many of them, you can have slave labor, as exists in China. When you have too many people, the govt. can impose universal conscription, so you can go to war vs the other surplus populations who have done the same thing. Or maybe you can have also nuclear warming, and then nuclear cooling.
Oh, no, I am wrong: workers in the US have always been protected by strong unions; they are not fired for any reason or no reason; have great wages and benefits . . . so glad to know I am wrong . . .
We must all consume less and have 12 children per family; yeah, that’ll work.


That would make a lovely greeting card for Christmas.


Dire view but unfortunately most likely true.


Start by using less energy; don’t expect to move into the future living the way you are now.


Thanks Bookworm, I already use bar soap wrapped in paper. Now I’m going to look for powdered dish soap and laundry soap. I wash dishes by hand and will be happy to find powder soap. Good thinking!


There is a way out of this mess- New nuclear.
Specifically Molten Salt Reactors, aka LFTR, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors
This is technology that was proven effective in the 1950’s, but since the waste from this kind of nuclear reactor could not be weaponized, the government shut the program down.
Thorium reactors do not emit co2, they are walk-away safe, their waste can NOT be weaponized, they are economical to operate, and Thorium is plentiful and inexpensive.
Check out the thorium energy conference 2018, in Brussels.


If these scientists are wrong it will be that the reality is even worse then their worse predictions. No wonder suicides are on the rise.


Big –

And find out where the Cyanide capsules are stored –

Actually, even when they allowed a minimum of information to get thru on climate,
the scientists were suggesting this was a story for hundreds of years in the future –
until they realized the glaciers were melting beneath their feet right then. Oh, my!!

Would it have been such a surprise allegedly if we hadn’t had an oil industry profiting
individual “owners” rather than a nation discussing what we should have all been
controlling jointly in a system of democracy – our natural resources.

The nation’s natural resources were moved out of our thoughts when Our Founders
privatized them – and handed them over to Elites/wealthy. It just became an accepted
thing. Did our philosophers mention it and I missed it? Maybe our poets did?

I do agree that the idea of leisure time and thinking has been hit hard by the greed of
capitalism. Men and women are trying to ensure that their children are cared for - fed,
kept warm/cool and educated – and that they don’t lose their houses or their jobs.
Anything like stability in our societies is long since gone.

As Rockström explains, the “tipping elements” examined in the research “can potentially act like a row of dominoes. Once one is pushed over, it pushes Earth towards another.” And in an interview with the BBC, he added, “What we are saying is that when we reach 2 degrees of warming, we may be at a point where we hand over the control mechanism to Planet Earth herself. We are the ones in control right now, but once we go past 2 degrees, we see that the Earth system tips over from being a friend to a foe. We totally hand over our fate to an Earth system that starts rolling out of equilibrium.”

How can it be that Rockstrom doesn’t understand that our futures are already set. Nor do “We” have any control mechanism to Planet Earth. Nor are “We” in control, nor have “We” ever been in control of the planet or Nature. Our fate has always been in the hands of Nature; we are part of Nature, though a much less promising part than other life on the planet which cooperates with Nature.

And I find this concept by any scientist that the Earth and its systems are our “enemy” considering the gifts Nature has given the earth in its beauty, rhythms, music, flowers/perfume, light, constant renewal and freshness, animal-life and the glory of its oceans, rivers, streams for us all to enjoy – is simply outrageous.
Because it is the system of Elitism/Patriarchy which has been the “enemy” of Nature - the destroyers of beauty/Nature.

The drumbeat of Capitalism and Christianity and male-supremacist societies has drowned out the importance and truth of Nature which we so desperately needed to be able to hear.

What has to happen – gradually – is that all citizens return to our communities to work together to protect
food sources which are being harmed by weather – and to have control over them. Same for energy where
control has to be in the hands of citizens.

The government is not going to act to provide mass transportation; they are destroying it.
Communities may have to recruit their own mechanics/engineers to convert our cars to electric/solar.
And not much wrong with bicycles and golf carts and trolleys.

In many odd ways this is already happening: People are disconnecting from CABLE and where they are moving from animal-eating to plant based foods – even away from “cow’s milk” and dairy which has been the second largest lie about human needs, after animal eating itself. These lies have destroyed human health.

How about the great lie that our babies required “infant formula/Simulac” rather than breast milk?
How about vaccines which have now created epidemics of illnesses – from peanut allergies to auto-immune diseases. How about Alzheimer’s? Autism? Beginning in the 1970’s as the vaccine schedules were being increased, parents began to notice learning problems which were labeled “attention deficit disorders” with no real word on why this was happening. Toe-walking. Head banging. Hyperactivity.
Now a vast number of children here in the US – and their parents – need the support of our communities
because their lives are so disrupted by Autism. Now, Americans have lost “Herd Immunity” which used to be transferred to newborns by parents/Mothers in breast feeding. There is NO possible way for anyone on this planet to pass along the alleged immunity to disease allegedly created by a vaccine to their children.

Our governments have been lying to us from day #1 and we must begin to think for ourselves and trust our instincts – and inner wisdom where we can find it again!!


Because of a 50 year gap, we are now about to begin to feel the effects of the
harm we have done to Nature on this planet at the point of 1968 —

Imagine all the harm done after that time.


Mountain –

IF everyone on the planet was dead tomorrow, Global Warming would continue
to proceed.

Evidently in “alien” warnings the idea of a 10,000 year “shift” would be necessary for the
planet to be inhabitable again – that is, if the planet survives the chaos.


The planet will endure. Life, as we know it, won’t.

Perhaps, all this is for the best, as, we haven’t learned.

Humankind’s mistakes are too often fatal.


I don’t think anyone has ever clearly determined what the “gap” or “lag” is from CO2 emissions to it’s physical forcing on the environment. I’ve heard anywhere from ten years to your “50.” I think 50 may be a bit too long of a lag time. I’m thinking it’s closer to twenty years. Do you know where I/we could maybe get the correct answer? Buehler? I get what you’re saying though. Things are going to ramp up extremely quickly now and in an exponential manner as we have belched so much Industrial CO2 into the atmosphere in the last thirty years than all of the CO2 going back to 1850. I’m no longer a religious man… but God help us all and all life forms on our planet!



Thanks and I agree. I would add that continuing and intensive education at all levels is a must.