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A 'Hothouse' Future for Humanity: Scientists Behind Terrifying Climate Analysis Hope They Are Wrong


You’re probably right. As I’ve said before, as long as there’s gas in the car and meat on the table, (at least in this country), the streets will remain mostly empty.


Tweeting may have replaced fiddling, but our Nero is dead set that far beyond Rome burns.


Conservation biologist Guy McPherson covers hothouse in many of his presentations over the past six years. He has been way ahead of most of the rest of us.



don worry 'bout it, ‘kay. Da boss got evertin’ under control, see… so jus evebudy shaddap


Earth is neither friend nor foe, but those species that make the effort to fit into Her system of being tend to survive and flourish. Homo Sapiens, on the other hand…


He is in complete denial of geoengineering
. I reminded Guy that I paid for the use of the facility (in which his presentation was taking place) out of my own pocket, I had the right to ask him this, would he state on the record that he knew geongineering was NOT HAPPENING? After a bit of rambling, McPherson admitted he could not say this, he could not state on the record that he knew geoengineering wasn’t happening. By the way Dane who runs this site as been way ahead of the curve for many years including geoengineeering.


Physicists say we could be a simulation. So then we wouldn’t have to worry because its not real. I wish god wouldn’t let conservanazis play the game though…


I was referring to his discussion of hothouse. Yes he is a critic of Geo-engineering for reasons such as these:



Happy to dig up more.


You’re probably right, Ponyboy. All history proves it. Individuals may learn but humanity never does. If one is a prayerful man, now is the time. (And that’s not a bad thing)


There’s a word for “hope they are wrong”:


Hope screws us.


Climate change is here – and has been here for 50 years. It keeps getting worse.


Homos sapiens made it impossible to fit into her system.

6th mass extinction brought to you by humans on a rampage.


We’re taking everything out with us.

t does not look like life on the planet will endure.

We’re turning Earth into Venus.


Honestly at some points it feels like one of those Sim City games and we are at the point where the player is bored and deliberately tries to destroy the simulation.


Hope without action anyway.


I personally don’t believe in geoengineering. Frankly it just seems like trying to make sense that this climate chaos is part of some greater design. It is not. It is simply due to hubris of humans without any greater meaning.


Exactly. Geoengineering is based on the same sort of anthropogenic hubris that got us into this predicament, so typical of our self-absorbed society. If we were not so self-obsessed, we would be considering how to step back and help enable the Earth to heal herself. If that doesn’t include us, so be it.


Not sure there’s enough $ in the world or intelligence to stop this now. I reply, miserably.


It would require a worldwide Revolution in thinking.

Perhaps, there’s still time.

Perhaps, there’s not.

Either way, humans are just a speed bump in the life of Earth.


Hi Ponyboy – humans are a death trap and mass extinction event that may turn this planet full of life into Venus. “Speedbump” really minimizes our impact.