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A 'Hothouse' Future for Humanity: Scientists Behind Terrifying Climate Analysis Hope They Are Wrong


Sinkhole is more appropriate.


First thing first.
The permafrost is thawing right now and it has been thawing for several years now. That is not something that is going to happen when the Earth warms up 5 degrees. It’s thawing right now.

That graph that is shown with the feedback loops is also happening right now and yes, they are acting as multipliers on each other.
US scientists have already stated that the warming of the oceans is unstoppable even if we stop burning fossil fuels today.

We live within just one biosphere. Only one.
There are no boundaries, borders or walls separating these feedback loops. many of them are immersed in other ones. Of course they will affect each other.
That is why Global Warming is accelerating exponentially.
Most climate projections follow a linear projection but that is not the path Global Warming is on. So all of the projections are wrong.
A recent report from the Arctic Council states that 20% of the surface permafrost will thaw by 2040. That’s less than 22 years away. The permafrost holds twice the amount of greenhouse gases as we currently have in our atmosphere. That isn’t a secret among scientists. It’s an established fact.
There is another feedback loop that you don’t have on the graph and it is a very big one, far bigger than the thawing permafrost.
Underwater methane hydrates are now destabilizing due to the warming of the oceans. They can be found off every continental coastline worldwide.

The number of plumes have been growing not just in numbers but size with some plumes 150 miles wide of more.
Methane is a very potent greenhouse gas 155 times worse than CO2.
There has been a sudden surge in atmospheric methane over Barrow, Alaska that started at the beginning of July and has more than doubled the levels in the area. It’s still growing as we speak.
There is a theory about what could happen if these hydrates suddenly release massive amounts into the atmosphere. Less than 1% is all it would take to wipe out most life on Earth.

If such an event happens and it most definitely will before 2040 thanks to the thawing permafrost, it would spread from the original release point along every continent worldwide.
The Earth would become a Venus type planet in just a matter of months.

This is not a matter of it could happen.
This is a matter of when it will happen.
Because like it or not, it will happen.


Beautiful song, sadly it might have been the one that got him killed.


Here in the gulf coast of Florida we have had red tide for over 3 months. Tons of dead fish, manatees, sea turtles, sharks endangered Goliath groupers and other sea life washed up on our normally pristine beaches. It is absolutely heartbreaking, and caused by man. Namely the big sugar industry. We need to quit consuming all this garbage, and start saving our home. Regulate the corporations and free the humans.


The information in this article suggests that our species is likely to go extinct soon; why is the author too timid to say so?!


Not extinct, merely diminished in population.


Start the regeneration by planting INDUSTRIAL HEMP all over the world. Growing the biomass will help heal the atmosphere and using the products will move us away from fossil fuels, pesticides, and cutting trees for paper. Industrial hemp can’t do it all, but it’s the best single solution to global climate change. It’s about to be moved from its bogus narcotic status to an agricultural product. Hemp can do everything petroleum, cotton, and trees can do while healing the planet instead of destroying it. It even mitigates toxic oil spills! But right now it’s illegal in the capitalist greed center of the world, the USA. The greedies should all be prosecuted for murdering the Earth.


I’m going with “festering sinkhole”…


Based on humanity’s rotten attitude toward and rotten treatment of nonhuman animals, domestic and free-living, and not just it’s harm to the planet, I think humanity deserves extinction. Humanity, pay for your crimes!


It is heartbreaking. And it’s totally unfair to the rest of the species on Earth that one should have the power to take the rest down. (I often wonder what name the Humpbacks have given to their concept of what we call “Earth”. Probably some beautiful musical note.)


I’m aware that Climate Change has been around for long past 50 years and I agree that hopium screws us. I only said, “I hope I am wrong” (about my prediction of global panic and societal collapse). I can still hope it doesn’t happen. But I’m certain it will. Bummer for us all…


Pony –

Trust you will be correct –

but the damage done to the planet is horrific –
the dams created by the Army Engineers have moved the planet off its
axis by some degree and earthquakes are also capable of doing the same.

Whomever we are, we are not life fit for this planet.


Don’t you know that, if you ignore something it will go away.



I respect your opinions, however, saying ‘we are not life fit for this planet,’ is a bit too global of a statement.

Qualifying your statement by referencing corrupt government in league with corporations as the main reasons for little to no action regarding the climate crisis that we have all been aware of for many decades, well, perhaps that would better represent those not fit to live on our planet.


Where is the aluminum coming from?

One possible avenue for soil to become contaminated with aluminum is through geoengineering. Kristen Meghan, an ex-military whistleblower came forward some time ago about the experiments being conducted. Meghan spent nine years on active duty in the U.S. Air Force in Bio-environmental Engineering. When she first learned of the chemtrail conspiracy, she set out to prove it wrong. But her investigations only led her to believe that the conspiracy was a reality, and that the government really is spraying toxins into the air over our heads. Aluminum barium, strontium oxide, and sulfates were all found in samples of not just soil, but also air and water.


I have ALWAYS loved that song. Since I was a kid. To thanks.


Ooohhh. That last part . I will second that!!


Pony –

No – I mean it literally –

Imo, we’re hybrids – engineered – but not made suitable for life on this planet.

I didn’t at all mean it in any sense of corporations or corruption –

Our needs are too many –

Other animals exist on the planet in cooperation with nature, without at all destroying nature.

I’m not even sure that we humans broke the bonds that make us significantly unable to cooperate
in the same ways as someone seems to have sent us out to “multiply.”

If there is an “alien presence” the answers are there, but if we are made in their image, will we
like those answers – or the expectations and future they may have planned for us?


And, as long as there is money to pay the air conditioning bill.


I have been trying to ignore my broken back but it won’t go away either, so I guess I’m stuck between a rock and hard place. What a bummer.