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'A Huge Moment for the Movement': Los Angeles City Council Approves Resolution in Favor of Medicare for All

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/huge-moment-movement-los-angeles-city-council-approves-resolution-favor-medicare-all


"Power To The People."

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Ironic that Single Payer legislation for the State of California was killed a couple of years ago by speaker Rendon from the 63rd district of south-east Los Angeles:

Also ironic that Sanders and Warren are splitting the MFA vote to allow Biden to win the nomination and kill MFA at the national level.

Also ironic that Warren has flipped and flopped on her support for MFA and recently trusted neoliberal economists from the International Monetary Fund (of Economic Hitman fame), Moody’s (helped bring you the 2008 financial crisis) and Stern Business School (Trump and Bush were both business majors) to craft her “progressive” taxation policy laden with a non-progressive and unworkable head tax and unachievable immigration plus war policy pre-conditions for a long-term transition to MFA.


She talks the Sanders talk and walks the neoliberal hall of fame.


Is it possible to find out which council members vote for and against. I searched for 15 minutes and found nothing.