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'A Huge Relief': British Judge Rejects Trump Administration Attempt to Extradite Julian Assange

Good, now free him and allow him to go back to his family.

Its sick listening and reading republicans AND democrats in the U.S. wanting Assange’s head.

They all have collective amnesia as if none of Assange’s past work matters.


When Mark Ames & Yasha Levine outed ComCast’s Tea- Party as a Koch brother’s astroturf; it wasn’t JUST the right wing echo-chamber unleashed upon them? They & Taibbi were rapists, pedophiles…and though The eXiled was pretty much disappeared by Putin; they’re all RussiaRussiaRussia!

Funny, how the same Clintonite kleptocrats are repeating Catastrophe Capitalism, here, “perfected” in Central Asia, Venezuela, Iraq, Bolivia, Ukraine and ALL over Africa, then?


Thanks Jake. And I take back all the bad things I said about you.
How joyously unpredictably ironically the Spirit works through world history; Tolstoy’s War and Peace pre-determination thesis confirmed; with the wicked witch UK magistrate herself, V. Baraitser blocking Assange’s extradition to the U.S. for mental health reasons, which she formerly rejected. And Fox News, right wing’s fascist media outlet hosting Assange’s fiance’s pleas not to extradite Julian as U.S. prison conditions are death traps.
Mainstream established media blocking news, trial prosecutors and CIA deception abounding; could this be because the UK trial was such a mockery of justice or because Trump lost the election? But Biden hates Assange’s truth telling as much as Trump or more.
Reasons may be many, but the purpose of world history is one: “. . . ‘but that the works of God might be manifest in him’ ” (Jn.9.3).

no way is this over.

kicking the can down the road to see what new preznit orders poodle to do.


In a “just” society he would receive the US Presidential Medal of Freedom.


In an actual “Federal Republic,” he’d be one more annoying talking head, blathering about all our shortcomings, vapid hypocrisy, with clickbait ledes; COMPETING for advertising time? Oh, President Tlaib’s plotting to overthrow Bolivia, for lithium, Secretary Omar’s murdering Gaza and Lebanon for Israeli offshore fracking… so, NU? Let’s turn on Aaron, Katie, Yasha & Caitlin on The Seymour Hersh/ Chris Hedges Hour?

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Jayce –

“Liberals” … ???

I am glad of this decision but not the basis for it. The judge, according to the Guardian, rejected all of the substantive claims by Assange and granted this solely on health reasons. Does that mean if Julian recovers, he would be subject to extradition yet again? This order will be appealed. I hold little hope that the new administration come 01/21/2021 will drop this effort. Let me be wrong in this. Some are asking for Trump to pardon him. I can’t see how that would benefit Trump, and without that piece, it won’t happen. But that could well be the best outcome.
He did a great service to humanity by publicizing what US foreign policy really stands for. Assange needs to be released and allowed to live free.


How is it that we had rumors circulating recently about a Trump PARDON for
Assange – ???

I was actually encouraged by that – as strange as it sounded …

If the US does indeed appeal the sentence I can only wonder which administration would do that, the outgoing Trump or the incoming Biden. An appeal would expose the USA to contempt and ridicule the world over exposing them as petty and vindictive. A British judge overruling a lower court judge on something like this would be contrary to precedent as s/he would have to rule that US prisons are fair and just.

(I can not get into the Judges head that made this decision but had that judge ruled on the merits of whether or not the acts of Assange deemed espionage , it would have been more easily overturned)

Now trump could not care less about what the rest of the world thinks of the USA but Biden , the one who claimed Assange a “hi-tech terrorist” has the next 4 years to think about. If he starts his Presidency off with an appeal , he will be showing a “meet the new boss same as the old boss” moment and if there any in the rest of the World that think Biden will be a much better President then Trump and bring a different perspective of the USA to the World stage , those thoughts would vanish.

(I am no lawyer but if an appeal launched I believe it would have to be on the grounds that US prisons are not barbaric and treat their prisoners well. Other Countries Courts have ruled this not the case)

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“I’m talking to you, Joe Biden.”

Never happen. Assange’s persecution is one bit of deluded retribution that the Democratic party can cling to among all of their pathetic excuses for Clinton losing in 2016.

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(Edward Snowden Retweeted)

Amnesty International

We welcome the fact that Julian Assange will not be sent to the USA, but this does not absolve the UK from having engaged in this politically-motivated process at the behest of the USA and putting media freedom and freedom of expression on trial.


Bet’ya the appeals were all ready and waiting, months ago? From what we’ve seen, so far… I’d not be standing beneath his window or IN his wing, if this ISN’T just more obvious theatrics? Actually, guards and fellow inmates might just wish to feign COVID symptoms, if isolation would get them under ground for a couple weeks? Maybe, this is where “VP” Harris has been hiding, all this time? Supermax: traumatic?

~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2021/01/links-1-3-2021.html#comment-3493727 (read the comments thread: instructive, to watch sublimated loss-of-faith?)



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I am not too familiar with the British Judicial system but It would be my opinion if the Judge ruled this a freedom of speech issue , the manner in which the British system has treated Mr Assange would open them to a lawsuit. There is less an opportunity for that if the ruling about the US prison system.

The judge might well be playing a political game here with Assange seen as naught more than a pawn.


My belief is the judge/British just want to get this matter off their hands/books and this was the easiest way to do it without directly challenging the US judicial system/government (aka the Clinton cabal). Notwithstanding the judge is correct, Assange would likely die in prison in the US waiting to be tried, either by his own hand or severe neglect and abuse. One need look no further than the treatment of Bradley/Chelsea Manning for this. Further, this is not over, the US is expected to appeal this judge’s decision.

M agistrate Vanessa Baraitser on Monday ordered Julian Assange’s discharged based on a severe risk of suicide.

She said U.S. authorities did not convince her they could prevent his suicide. Before reaching her conclusion Baraitser agreed with virtually every point in the U.S. favor until she came to the condition of his health and what extradition to the U.S. would mean.


Good point.

Funny, I thought you were talking about Joe Biden!


If we ever get a truly “Just” society (or even merely a truly “Just” administration), it may yet happen. Hopefully it won’t be a posthumous awarding.

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Well, yeah! Liberals are only part time (mostly economic) fascists.

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Amen to that.

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