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'A Huge Slap in the Face': Family of Worker Who Died of Covid Slams Trump OSHA for Paltry $15,000 Fine Against Meat Company

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/12/huge-slap-face-family-worker-who-died-covid-slams-trump-osha-paltry-15000-fine


Not justice but “just-us”.

Justice might take the form of removing the charters of these criminal capitalist enterprises then turning them over to the afflicted workers who can make them into worker cooperatives producing plant protein products and thereby supporting local organic growers and bringing some relief to these animals. Close down the factory farms too.


Butt . . .   Butt . . .   How can you say such a thing?  Ve are liffing in AMERIKA, vere “Korporationen Ăśber Alles!!” ist der name uff der game.


Recalling Country Joe McDonald’s Viet Nam occupation era admonition “war is good business, invest your son”, meat packing is good business, invest your son, or even better…your whole family !

Many “essential workers” are actually sacrificial workers.


Took the words right out of my head!
I have read several studies that show small, sustainable farms, with multi-crops and many different breeds of livestock allowed to live natural lives are actually more efficient and productive than the factory farms. Allowed to do their own butchering on site, the risk of large food-borne illnesses drops to near zero.
I remember when everyone had a flock of chickens, urban or rural. And people raised all different breeds of milk cows, not the monoculture of Holsteins that we have today. We had Brown Swiss, Guernsey, Jersey, Chalarois, Black Angus, Zebu. For poultry we had Rhode Island reds, Dominickers, New Hampshire reds…not the mono culture of Leghorns we have now. And pigs…again, biodiversity prevents a virus coming along and wiping out the entire food supply. Corn…again, different breeds of corn, not the hybrids, so you could save seeds from year to year and swap them.
We were told lie after lie about the Green Revolution in the 70’s, that all these mono crops were needed to feed the burgeoning population. By maintaining biodiversity, we could have kept population growth down.
Time to take Rebbe Michael Lerner’s advice-if corporations are people, then nullify the charters. All of them. Especially those LLC’s, formed to purposely elude liability.
What is the price of a human life? Just a little over $15,000, it seems.


I’m curious as to how much they received in the stimulus SBA money. I’m guessing it was far more then $15,000. Funny how that works.

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15k is the best they can hope for… just wait until congress gives all corporations blanket immunity.

Keep in mind, JBS is a BRAZILIAN COMPANY under investigation for its collussion in deforestation of the Brazilian cerrado (savannah)

Deforestation in the Cerrado: control by meatpackers is worse than in the Amazon


Its a long article but a good intro to what these folks are dealing with.