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'A Jurassic Park Experiment': Watchdog Groups Denounce Decision to Release Genetically Modified Mosquitoes in Florida

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/19/jurassic-park-experiment-watchdog-groups-denounce-decision-release-genetically


Thanks for covering this CD’s.

Very, very harrowing, grief laden times as we watch humans destroy life on earth and not being able to stop it. I don’t think we can.

Rachel Carson dedicated Silent Spring to Albert Schweitzer which includes this quote:

“Man has lost the capacity to foresee and to forestall. He will end by destroying the Earth.” which was part of a letter that Albert Schweitzer wrote to a bee-keeper whose bees were destroyed by pesticides.

Obviously this is not a pesticide issue but it is yet another example of humans tinkering with nature . . . . attempting to dominate nature and ultimately (soon) humans will destroy everything that lives on earth. Albert Schweitzer saw this coming in the 50’s.



“The release of genetically engineered mosquitoes will needlessly put Floridians, the environment, and endangered species at risk in the midst of a pandemic,”

Forget the pandemic. (For now.) This is (again) humans’ messing with the natural world. All these creatures have a place and a purpose. And we are upsetting the balance with our quasi interference to protect the most destructive beings: homo sapiens.


And incidents such as this:


make we weep.

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Me too, wingsofdove. Can’t bring myself to read about the whales.
If I start crying I might not stop. So . . . I suppress tears and grief (most of the time) to keep going as I am still responsible for others.

AGW habitat destruction/climate chaos was (seemingly) gradual until . . . all of a sudden . . it’s not. Like now.

So many things happening at once now, ecosystem collapse seems to be going exponential.

I just hope the tropical storms---- 97L or 98L or ??? get strong enough to wipe out Mara Lago and the area where the latest crazy politician (off the charts wacko) got “elected” (Palm beach county?)

Adding insult to injury is our political nightmare with leadership based on greed.

And Bernie (who I thought would help) yelling about our “existential crisis” of AGW yet telling everyone to back the dems as they continue to support fossil fuel extraction and expedite the collapse.

As an aside . . I wonder who owns stock in Oxitec?


Oh goodie, when the next tropical storm/hurricane brushes by FL. then makes land fall on the Gulf Coast, we all get to enjoy this new mosquito. Thanks Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board.

Not all scientific concepts are automatically bad. Screw worm was virtually eliminated in a similar fashion. Nobody misses this species.

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True enough. And, a non-biting mosquito type sounds all up side.
I think beginning this science project in the Keys is a bit of a smokescreen, however. The real $$$ will be made in the reclaimed wetlands and stagnant ponds of The Everglades.
Just sayin’, it is Florida, after all. ( Florida was the reason I settled in the Northwest. )

As an ex floridian, I’m 100% in favor of eliminating mosquitos. They’re one of the reasons I left Florida. Nature will adjust and flourish. I’m normally cautious about GMOs, and I’m an environmental activist, still, mosquitoes are an enemy of humans, and I’ve lost enough blood and suffered enough torture from this horrible vampire species.

I hope this works. May this horrible species never plague humans again.

Caroline & Wings, I’m seeing yall’s comments, and they are good to read! Will try to be brief, but might not succeed. I’m in the habit of listening to some great economists on podcasts. There are certain things missing in what they usually say; I can’t blame’em, everything the powers that be [TPTB] are doing economically makes no sense (best scary summary is by Patrick Lawrence at consortiumnews dot com, but I haven’t been to the Global Trade Watch page on fb for a while). To make it short…we need a zeitgeist in line with Schweitzer, Vandana Shiva, and AOC…that they [the economists] don’t mention (in much detail). With the pandemic staring us in the face every day, I am sort of quasi anticipating it’ll come. In the “Soil Not Oil” video on Navdanya’s facebook page I skipped ahead to where Jonathan Latham is talking…5 hrs in and some minutes. Closest cell tower must be overloaded–I must go to see if this much will go up here in the commons. Will be back.


So glad the commons here can work with so little bandwidth. I see my comment went up, and everything else I’m getting on the net is slower than molasses.

Nevertheless, due to this tower problem I have to cut things short in anticipation of “rolling” even-worse-phases. And that’s a good place from which to make a point. The tech-of-the-future that really works (and sells the world’s people) won’t I don’t think be as glamorous as 5G cell phones or smarter and smarter big SUVs. I believe we should push for a whole zeitgeist/ethos a lot more like Cuba’s (and I read last night Venezuela isn’t doing so bad with SARS-CoV-2 itself).

I am glad to return to the commons here when nothing else will work (even here there though are some crazy quirks happening…“draft error” keeps popping up). Normally I hang out at the Useful Idiots Listener’s page on facebook. The "draft error warnings are hassling too much to continue. Hope to hear more from yall on the subject.

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Anytime Humankind meddles with Mother Nature, nothing good comes from it. We seem to begat our own problems. Oy!

The mosquito species targeted is an invasive, non-native species.
No native mosquito species is targeted nor should any native species of mosquito be affected.