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A Key Similarity Between Snowden Leak and PanamaPapers: Scandal is What’s Been Legalized


A Key Similarity Between Snowden Leak and PanamaPapers: Scandal is What’s Been Legalized

Glenn Greenwald

From the start of the reporting based on Edward Snowden’s leaked document archive, government defenders insisted that no illegal behavior was revealed.


Big-Money buys political influence, candidates, elections & legislation to further increase wealth & power! The wealthiest are using money stolen from the 99% to buy more corrupt influence and advantage! Both parties a tag-team of complicity, corruption and guilt! A grand con, "legal" only by corrupt political influence & manipulation.........


They say rich food is bad for us. Fuck 'em, I'm hungry.


Lets see now... if my 'big number' memory serves correctly, there was some 5 billion dollars in (literally) bundled cash, wrapped on a forklift pallet and delivered to Iraq that just .... psfft ... disappeared.
Now what was the date on that?

Any body else having craggy memories shaking off the dust about time frames and dates and numbers?


And like the Snowden revelations, for many (most?) of us the revelations in the Panama Papers come as no surprise, only the details are new now the veils of secrecy have been peeled away.


The FIFA aspect of the PP (true tinkle down) and the allegations and evidence of corruption in Brazil is emblematic of the distortions and destruction in the MEGA MODEL of "development". FIFA wraps a multitude of sins in the sheer power of media.

Favela Digest, published monthly by Rio on Watch is worth visiting and keeping in mind as the revelations unfold. The Olympics next year in Rio are worth a look from the activities of the interests involved; from the municipalities to the federal level touting these spectacles and making athletes tools of corruption in turn veiled as 'development'.

Here is a link to the March roundup of the costs to communities, lives and homes.


Thanks for the connect theoldgoat...


Impeccable analysis, Mr. Greenwald... especially this:

"But the crux of this activity – placing assets off-shore in order to avoid incurring tax liability – has been legalized. That’s because western democracies along with overt tyrannies are typically controlled by societies’ wealthiest, and laws are enacted to serve their interests."


Apparently it was $12B cash on pallets that "vanished" in Iraq, but who knows? Or, who's counting?



For anyone who didn't follow Greenwald's link when he wrote "(the U.S. was oddly missing from the initial reporting though journalists vow that will change shortly)", it goes to a tweet that reads:

"Editor of Süddeutsche Zeitung responded to the lack of U.S. individuals in the documents, saying "Just wait for what is coming next" "


I stand corrected (on an even larger mountain of mendacity)


I’m convinced that this is the key news of the day. That we shall soon see the connection between banking and international politics and see how our politicians are connected, then we will see how that affects American voting. It’s All Rigged…


I am posting this link and am looking for comments on this point of view

As a new user I can not post an active link so you will need to go to the free thought project by typing out the link


It seems that very few outlets have covered the story in this manner.


Wall street strategy is fraud!


Really? There are decent hardworking people who own a family store or small business. They probably embrace capitalism but they are not motivated primarily by an INHUMAN and RABID form of greed.

There is no reason why one can't argue that capitalism--in its present "winner take all" shock doctrine state is a contributor to a global financial nemesis that is ALSO fueled by the most bestial forms of human greed. In other words, why set up an antithetical relationship between what's ultimately related?


Why is this story bigger than last week's Unaoil illegal bribery/moneylaundering scandal that was never covered by the corporate media?


Why is corporate media covering this story?: "A year ago someone provided tons of data from Mossak Fonseca to a German newpaper, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung. The Munich daily is politically on the center right and staunchly pro NATO. It cooperates with the Guardian, the BBC, Le Monde, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and some other news organization who are all known supporters of the establishment."



That was interesting. Amazing how they still have not found it. I wonder where it is? Surely somebody knows. The FBI or whatever law enforcement agency responsible needs to answer some questions. That had to be the biggest heist in history.


Interesting comment John. Even more interesting as Greenwald attempts as usual to make the US
the largest villain in this massive leak of documents, no listing of those listed as associated with Putin
where Mr. Snowden continues to be sheltered in Russia, by none other than Mr. Putin.

While those responsible for publishing the leak have noted those in the US are next on their list for
exposure, somehow I wonder when all that information will be available in Russian media and if
and when Mr. Snowden will join Mr. Greenwald in his typical condemnation of the US?


Any readers out there? The information appears to be available among a variety of articles, maybe Glenn's
problem is his choice to always blame the US rather than providing the truth about those such as Snowden
and his shelterer Mr. Putin?


Why didn't Greenwald chose to share this article instead of his usual choice to always blame the US?



Uhm every media outlet on Earth currently seems to be blasting Putin quite well over it without Greenwald having to join th chorus. Maybe you hadn't noticed?