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A Kiss For the Coach – Jim Jordan on the Mat


A Kiss For the Coach – Jim Jordan on the Mat

Bill C. Davis

We had a coach at the Catholic high school I attended – dead now, who treated the boys he coached and to whom he taught gym as if they were there for his pleasure. Hands everywhere – fingers in students' mouths and down pants. He would talk and say goofy things as he allowed his hands to do what he wanted them to do to the obedient and submissive, and in his mind, clueless boys. He was big – brutish – an ignorant swagger.


The fascinating aspect of this whole ugly story is Jordan is being called out by fellow athletes who actually admired his skills. He was a good coach as far as that goes, as well. They just know bullshit when they hear it and Jordan is throwing a ton of it around regarding his many denials. And, he’s not cooperating with the Ohio investigation, as he says on TeeVee.
Jordan knows a lot more than he’s letting on to, he was in a position to do something and didn’t, he had an obligation to do something and now he’s playing the victim to protect his " political viability ". In other words, Jordan is another compromised political hack, who’ll lie through his teeth under pressure. With Trump’s blessing and training, he’s got a great future in the Republican Party.


The abusers and their enablers should be taken to the woods… never ever to return… or be found.

Jim Jordan failed… he needs to pay the piper.


Many people think it’s about sex, but it’s really about power. Where I went to High School, there were some quiet stories about two men who coached football and baseball, in the 50s and 60s; a priest and a civilian. Both men are long dead. Both were well-regarded by the school and the community at large. My school was not the same one Denny Hastert coached for, but the situation was the same. Men used their position(s) of power to get access to boys. Some of the victims were likely told to just take it and toughen up.


Put him and Sandusky in a small cell for a life term, with only Vaseline and a few Penn State football calendars.


Jordan is such a condescending asshole and trump asslicker pretending to be the voice of morality,what a prick.