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A Lady of the Most Impeccable Taste


A Lady of the Most Impeccable Taste

In this dark time of too-few heroes, we salute Juli Briskman, a working 50-year-old mom who was out biking and brooding on the ruinous state of the nation when the cretin responsible for much of it drove by. As her "blood just started to boil," she did what any patriot would - gave him the finger. Because what 1st Amendment these days, she's been fired. Note to America: "Juli needs a job, and she deserves it for making us happy."


Thank you Juli Briskman. I acknowledge you and appreciate you. I hope you find meaningful work soon. You surely deserve it!


She is te uncoronated queen of all of us Trumped-upon Americans.


Wake up-----we are owned----we are slaves------we live in a corporate military police state.


Thank-You Juli and Abby.


Juli Briskman - I salute you for your salute to the President. I would also like to contribute to Juli’s defense but the link to the “GoFundMe” page at the bottom of the article is not currently working.


If I can at all help it, I won’t be doing any business with Akima. I might even write my Representative and Senator to have their precious tax sucking government contract cancelled. Akima, YOU’RE FIRED!



Thanks for the link - I’ve added my contribution.


Juli, you are an inspiration to millions of us to take courage from your action. First, a finger, then a fist, then…revolution.


Another reason working people need unions. She would not have been fired if she was a union agreement covered employee, at least not without a lengthy disciplinary and appeals process.


My hero.


I added an “L”, as in “trampled” – I hope you don’t mind!  

UNTrumple America – Juli Briskman for Congress, 2018!!!


Godsdamn! I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the cycling hand signals!:joy::joy::joy: Thanks Juli, I hope the bastard saw you.


UncleFester- That wasn’t me that gave you the negative. I think your “L” is an improvement to my post.