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A Last Chance for Resistance


Hedges usually seems far out on the left but here I think he is describing what millions of Americans are thinking and saying. It is now common belief that Trump is a despot and is trying to establish a white nationalist dictatorship. I think most Democratic politicians have that view. It is now the mainstream view everywhere left of center and probably in the center. I think that is why there has been a big response to the Indivisible guide. And in only the last couple of weeks a large response to the ACLU People Power project. The former is mainly focusing on Washington and the latter is mainly focusing on local government. I think there is a good chance that Trump's downfall will occur when there is certainly about the link between him and Russia's hacking the US election. Russia's involvement in hacking e-mails seems close to certain and there are so many communications between Trump's people and Russian agents. The only sensible course at this point is to assume the worst that Trump is trying to establish a dictatorship. Actions to resist based on this assumption should follow.


Yes, absolutely correct in pointing out that fascism isn't necessarily imposed by a violent military coup. The US has actually been implementing fascism slowly (since the 1980s), from the bottom up. The poor have already been stripped of quite a list of basic civil and human rights.

I would just question one point: How can this administration "bleed the poor," who had already been bled out over the last 20 years? There's nothing left to take from them. The overall life expectancy of the US poor already fell below that of every developed nation.


A last chance? As hard as it might be we can always choose to resist.

The masters of the universe are attempting this takeover vis a vis Trump because they recognize our current economic malaise has no precedent and is out of phase with prior 50 year economic cycles since capitalism took hold 250 years ago. They are running scared.

What comes next? Keynesian policies may no longer work in a system that has exhausted itself. The fifth wave is 16 years overdue. The labor movement has been decimated by technological advances and globalism. Growing out of our current economic malaise may not be a viable option. Is the failure of capitalism inevitable?

I wonder where the Democratic party is right now. Does anyone think they are responding appropriately? The identity politics strategy has proven only to work for the party of white supremacy. This most recent defeat of the Democrats only proves how shallow a basis identity politics has proven itself to be. The Democratic party needs to get back in touch with its roots, but with a view to the future, in order to find a message that appeals across the board and not just to the various minority groups that compose it.

It is up to us to realize that resistance should become more than fighting against this current reality. We should offer a viable alternative. I do not have the answer - I like many others suffer from a crisis of perception - but I do have a sense that we are at the end of a cycle of cycles and we need new ideas and a new vision to come to the fore.


I liked the picture of what's-his name (thanks to Nancy "the pill" Pelosi for that one) with no head. It's as accdurate a portrait as there is of the current President.


You don't think that taking health insurance away from 24 million people is not "bleeding the poor"?


Chomsky has written on Anarchy and Bertrand Russell too.


As usual, an excellent analysis from Hedges - especially of the relationship between dictorships and intellectual classes. And the sad fact that few like him exist - reinforces his argument.


He always leaves that part out. Being from the castle, Harvard University, with a degree in right wing Divinity, and not supporting Bernie, always made me suspicious of Chris Hedges. His appearance on the Left was as a result of his anger at not getting paid enough as a MSM journalist. He lamented about that many times.

At least Bernie had a plan. It may not have worked perfectly, but look now where we are, disaster.


that's up to Democrats, ultimately. but the specter of LEV looms larger than ever. this cycle was a perfect historical opportunity to rearrange some deck chairs, and it didn't happen, because the most intense LEV campaign of my lifetime succeeded in scaring the oh-so-bold voters in the Democratic party back into line.

Until this aspect of psychological weakness is dealt with by Democratic dissenters, things don't change. Honestly, do you think people lacking the courage to even discipline a party for a single cycle have what it takes to strike out and find a new way forward?

Me neither.


My problem Dawn, is credit card fears.
I'm fine, but fear number tracing on me.
I believe my old email address is bugged by FBI
I'm the Circulator designer Seattle rejected to their regret.
My designs are on record there, no doubt. Me and my big mouth.


Chris, you make many good points about the "crawl toward despotism," as you put it. However, coming from someone who during the run-up to the November election publicly proclaimed there was virtually no difference between voting for Hillary and Trump, your admonitions these days border on galling. Many are astute with respect to diagnoses of our social and political disorder; it's choosing wise strategies and tactics to advance an effective opposition that eludes you. I was no fan of Hillary; indeed I actively supported Bernie. However, we are in a much deeper hole now than we would have been had Hillary been elected. Before your next missive describing the horror of the moment, you should publicly "confess" your mistake. Unless, of course, you still like to rationalize your errors, preferring to blame Bernie for "selling his soul" in supporting Hillary in the general election.


Happy for Gov Inslee's new mandate to say absolutely NO this time.
Keystone crude tar sands is shipping oil mostly.
Meaning 'more' trans-oceanic shipping/trucking,
steel pipeline laying and 'precious' wall building.
BNSF, king coal Buffett we think a benevolent monarch?
The engine that connects us, my foot.
The CRC I-5 project fiasco included his bridge he wouldn't fix
and wanted to put rail on 'narrow' Hayden island? N0oo.
ODOT finished in 2010 and walked away.
All Ports and Wsdot led the foulup brigade 2008-2013.
ODOT has a new low-impact Hayden Island Access design to show.
Making distinctions here: Oregon good. Warshington bad.
Seattle is so screwed. Their Dots are nuts.


Both Bush eras were chosen presidential joker heads of state.

=Impeachment by 2018=
if not SOONER
(emphasis on sooner)
Ladies and gentlemen, this is world wide war in the making
with mister trump. Grounds 4 impeachment perhaps?


Chris Hedges may be right but I got to be more optimistic than him to function effectively in the Age of Trump!


Nice reply...thanks.


Trump may suffer irreparable damage to his thumbs, rendering him unable to tweet, and thus to serve as dictator.

That's my hope and I'm sticking with it.


Good point, DHFabian, no need for anyone to try to blunt it.


Yes indeedy. And how close exactly? Non-existent. Oh yes, and how close to certain is the theft of the election by the Republicans? DEAD CERTAIN. See:


Thanks. "Unless the ("Democratic") party makes some fundamental changes and quick..."
It's become more obvious to a critical number of people that that
party is corporate and will not change.
Hence the low turnouts in 2014 and 2016.
So what do we do?
Stop saying it can't be done, and build
a non-corporate party. The Green Party
may be small, but that's the way ANYTHING starts. Movements or parties.
It's that, or fascism and extinction.


Eight years????? With people having no healthcare, with more jobs lost, and public ed cut, with more ramping up on war? SOunds like you WANT TRump since you say that this is safe for you. And by the way, all of the online debating is not going to change a thing. If people truly want to help others, do so in your own community.