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A Lawless Plan to Target Syria’s Allies


A Lawless Plan to Target Syria’s Allies

Ray McGovern

On Aug. 17, TV interviewer Charlie Rose gave former acting CIA Director Michael Morell a “mulligan” for an earlier wayward drive on Aug. 8 that sliced deep into the rough and even stirred up some nonviolent animals by advocating the murder of Russians and Iranians. But, alas, Morell duffed the second drive, too.


Laws don't apply to our government - not just international laws, but constitutional laws as well. Whether we're bombing innocents abroad or spying on our own population, or even killing them in the streets, our PTB are blatant and unapologetic in their corruption and lawlessness. The hubris of announcing illegal intent on television should scare all of us.


I am horrified that our government can ignore any laws they choose and all morality and even reason. The electoral process is not even remotely helpful in this regard. Can we sue them? How can we hold the PTB to account? This is disgusting. We have become the 'exceptional' terrorists. How is this different than Hitler?


Morrell is a dead soul. However, entities like him are nurtured by the CIA.

Here is a 6 minute partial history of this diseased institution and the vast harm it's created:


Assad in fact has overhwelming support among the population for his according this article relating the visit of a member of a US based peace group.


Keep in mind that the number one destination for refugees forced to flee their homes in Syria is not Turkey or Jordan or Lebanon. It is in fact Syria wherein persons inside of those territories controlled by those "moderate rebels" flee to areas controlled by Government forces.

When a person like Morrel speaks about a Government representing all of Syrians he is speaking very much of one that supports the one percent of Syrians who will follow US dictates and make Syria a servant of the Empire. This is the very thing they did in Korea and in Vietnam.

In Korea when it became apparent that a left leaning Socialist party would likely win elections across all of Korea, the USA flew in a rich businessman as the person to head the Government in the south who as one of his first acts banned that party. In the Northern portion of the country this lead to an even more hard line group taking power.

In Vietnam when Ho Chi Minh was destined to win , the US appointed another of the rich landowners, a person who had collabarated with the Japanese and was universally loathed by the people.

They followed the same formula in Iran, Libya , Indonesia and Haiti and a litany of other Countries. It the same old familiar "playbook" used over and over again. In other words this is not something the USA and CIA has "become". It is something that they always were. You go right back to when the Country founded to see this the same rationale used to take Florida, absorb the West, annex 1/3 of Mexico, take Hawaii and Puerto Rico and Cuba, take the Philippines and so on. The CIA was simply an evolution of that Empire building.

Mr Charlie Rose exposes himself as little more then a tool of the empire trying to manipulate Public opinion so as to make these murderous thugs that work for the CIA look like they are concerned about "democracy" and "human rights".

He very much like a William Randolf Hearst boasting that he could start a war against Spain via his newspapers.


"The electoral process" "can we sue them?"

Hillary will win in North Carolina in November.

But....10 of NC's 13 US House seats will go to the Republicans because of gerrymandering.
That result will trigger a lawsuit headed for the Supreme Court to resolve the question concerning the constitutionality of gerrymandering.
The smart money says that five current Justices on the Supreme Court are ready to devise a legal standard to stop gerrymandering or as it's been called "election rigging."


Morrell says that he and others in the intelligence community "trust Hillary's judgement."

Well of course they do because Hillary is in full agreement with them that the wars must continue apace.


To see Coca Cola Rose so revealed was sickening.
Felt like we were being tenderized for the forth-coming wars with Russia and allies, Like before the invasions of Iraq when they wheeled out "the experts" to explain the new realities. We've always been at war with Eastasia ...


Charlie Rose is George Will with only slightly less swill.


Morrell's thinking is similar to the thinking that led to the Iraq invasion. Gotta get rid of Sadam. Gotta get rid of Assad. Did he learn nothing?


Morrell endorsed Clinton, did he not?


Introduce a law that every legislator that votes for war has to don a uniform, pick up a rifle and join our troops or send his or her son, daughter or grandchild in his place.


Where are the roots of freedom in the Middle East that America planted with its bombs, drones and solders lives? It is not under the feet of the citizens running to camps of little resources and less hope to escape death and destruction, perhaps it is in death itself.

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death."


“And sometimes you use military force for military ends. Sometimes you use military force to give you political leverage. … "

And sometimes you spy on citizens; and sometimes you infiltrate lawful, peaceful citizen groups; sometimes you use intimidating, militaristic practices in our cities against the impoverished and people of color; and many times in our history you have used assassination against our own elected officials and people of importance (JFK, MLK, RFK, Paul Wellstone, etc) to maintain your oligarchic system of power just as you assassinate leaders of and in countries you deem a threat to your own existance. Fear and assassination are just two of your tools, you Mr. Michael Morrell, you and your pitiful cronies use to try and achieve absolute control of a people who have tasted freedom. Let me put my hand on your pitiful shoulder and ask you, "are you okay?"


That Dr King quote is one of my 2 favorite sayings. He spoke that in his famous Beyond Vietnam speech on April 4, 1967, near the end of his address in Riverside Church, NYC.

My other favorite quote is Dom Helder Camara's: "When I feed the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why they are poor, they call me a communist!"


This afternoon I plan to see the movie "War Dogs." I'm looking forward to seeing "Snowden;" its national release is set for September 16.


Charile Rose, you are such a schmuck.


He's probably a putz as well?


He's no putz, that would be giving him way too much credit.


The last week or two have revealed seismic shifts in exactly who are Syria's allies.

Russia and Iran, separately, have been steadfast longstanding allies of Assad's. Iran's decision to allow Russia to establish a base of operations at an Iranian airbase is monumental; Iran has indicated this decision goes beyond dealing with the current situation in Syria.

Iraq has given Russia permission to use Iraqi airspace to target ISIS in Syria. Reportedly there are now some 100,000 Iranian Revolutionary Guards fighting ISIS in Iraq, cooperating with the Iraqi military.

China recently announced it will provide military aid to Syria.

And the ex-President of Yemen, now a member of the newly formed governing council in Yemen, is advocating Russia be invited to use Yemen's ports, bases, etc to help "combat terrorism."

I guess all that's left is for Libya to invite the Russians in.

Yemen Offers Russia Use Of Its Airports And Ports In "Fight Against Terrorism"