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A Layman’s Guide to Spotting Sedition, Treason, and Lunacy in General

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/14/laymans-guide-spotting-sedition-treason-and-lunacy-general


True story between a family member (FM) and I:

Me: “your a racist”
FM: “No I’m not!”
Me: “you call people of color, ‘ni**ers’, and ‘darkies’”
FM: “But I don’t say it to their face”
Me: “Your kidding, right” (massive eyeroll while I walk away)

And yes, of course this person is a massive Trump supporter.


Notably absent here is the most reckless, disingenuous, trite and all-encompassing accusatory label of “Anti-Semite” directed against anyone who criticizes in any way Tel Aviv’s brazen cooption of our House and Senate by its surrogate, AIPAC.

As but one example, Jonathan Pollard is now “home” - his word. Whilst incarcerated under the US Espionage Act, he was granted - via dispensation - Israeli citizenship. A mere month after the expiration of his parole, he was flown there on a private jet belonging to Sheldon Adelson and met on the tarmac by no less than the Prime Minister who also personally handed him his Israeli citizenship documentation. And, as if to to add insult to injury, this was facilitated via the Justice Department declining to extend his parole by a decade, as was their [our] right to under law.

Shouldn’t this be of importance to all American citizens - and Progressives more so? Further, if you have to look up who Pollard is then doesn’t that scream media complicity in giving his treasonous acts a pass in terms of press coverage over the past three decades, this relative to other “news of consequence”? Did the lot of us Progressives know of Adelson and his avowed and unashamedly active Zionism prior to his being outed as a political financier of Trump, among others?

Still, do we dare - as American citizens - flag this as an affront to us all? Or is it easier - in terms of being so authorized and encouraged - for others to automatically and hysterically shriek “Anti-Semitism” should we do so?

Or perhaps my comment here will be used illustratively as yet another example in the next edition of A Layman’s Guide to Spotting Sedition, Treason, and Lunacy in General ?

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others … seemingly in spades, here.

Erm, so I think that the most consequential “politically charged phrase” was left out. Or is it that it is not permitted that the topic even be broached?


I take your point, though I’ve encountered many progressives who haven’t really read the constitution but still gasbag about it. But it’s quite silly to say that nobody in the Federalist Society has read the constitution. That suggests to me that you have never met one.

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You have my deepest sympathies. When I came out to my adoptive family that my birth father was a black man, they dropped me like a hot potato.Nary a word since that rather dreadful visit. And I’ve never returned to that small town since then.
Until the US admits its original sins of racism and genocide, and that it’s not Exceptional or Chosen, we’ll be dealing with conversations like yours until we settle into the dustbin of history.


The good news is, some times you get to see people awaken and evolve away from racism here in the deep south too. It’s much different here on the Gulf Coast, than the interior areas of my state, I got to see a lot of the transition here since 1973, and it’s been huge since that time, far from perfect, but about 500% better than it was. Unfortunately when you leave the coast for the interior, you get into a time machine, and step out in the 1950’s at your new destination.


There fewer things I see that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside as a person stepping in to defend another against a racist tirade.

There was a video of a waitress who overheard a customer insulting a family of Asian descent at another table. It turned out he was a rich guy and owned some hi-tech company in San Francisco. She just tore into him and threw him out of the restaurant.

There are those awakened people and they are making that effort.

Oh that rich guy. A few days later he issues a press release apologizing for his behaviour. He claimed he not racist and his parents did not raise him that way. Yeah…right. Those apologies in the " i am not really like that vein…" are the inverse of people like that waitress standing up to his bullying.


Oh, they always claim “I’m not a racist”, or here in the deep South with the confederate battle flag, first they try the “it was our state flag”, then when you prove to them it was never the state flag, then they use the “it’s our heritage”, and at that point you’ve circled back to “your a racist”. Usually by this time they stomp off, knowing their BS isn’t going to work on you.

What few people understand, is not all white people here, even before I moved here, were raised by racist parents, but years ago their voice for justice was in the minority, and of course before the Civil Rights Act was passed, it was dangerous to publicly speak out against it. All of that has changed now, thankfully, and I see more and more incidents like you bring up with the waitress taking action, happening here.
And yes it does make you feel “warm and fuzzy”.


You gotta quit talking to my father in law


No we’ve met them
Got family who are members
Left my 20 yr Fed job because I stood against their warrant less searches

And their sneak and peek searches

The rise of the neocon was hand in hand with the federalists

Sad day when Darth Cheney’s daughter exhibits the sole source of Republican reasoning


LOL, down here he could be anyone’s father in law.



Is anyone else now sickened by the abuse flying of the American Flag

The Glory of the War torn flag over Fort McHenry is now stained by its use beating the Policeman on the steps of the Capital

Damn them, Arrest them, Try them, and Lock them Up


For the lunatic conspiracy theorist (I’m all for a conspiracy theory that makes some kind of sense) a friend of mine suggested oneupsmanship rather than arguing. Here’s an example.
Theorist: The moon landing was fake. Response; Oh, are you one of those fools that believe the moon is real?

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The most common response I hear from racists is- “The last thing I am is a racist”. Intelligent and aware people aren’t afraid to examine their multi leveled conditioning in this area.and work to understand and correct it.


You ought to hear the way they they try to defend flying the confederate battle flag down here.

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I am aware, Recon. I was born in 1951 and spent from 8 to 18 in Cincinnati, OH where they considered themselves superior to the South. My family took me many times into Kentucky and Tennessee. My mother rode in various horse shows there and the kids always had to go. I did like the fairs that were often adjacent. In those days one could still see the weird stuff you see in the movie Freaks by Tod Browning. My stepfather was Jewish and I remember that once we had to find another restaurant in Kentucky because they didn’t serve Jews. My parents didn’t tell us that but I figured it out. This was still the days of colored drinking fountains and bathrooms. Black people were often referred to as coons, jigaboos, or pickaninnies by drunken ‘upper class’ whites at their cocktail parties. What is now called the N word was used if someone was irritated by a Black person’s behavior. And of course the language was not used face to face. That is what was meant by ‘not racist’ back then. I left home as soon as I could.


like Bush, she certainly hasn’t redeemed herself (much less her family), but she has definitely added some shinola glisten to her popular image recently.

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I’m sure that application of the national banner is prohibited by their own anti-protest legislations (and Flag laws), what delicious irony it would be to prosecute these terrorists with their own beloved statutes (sorta like the source of most criminal interference (improper corporate (and foreign) campaign donations) in our elections, the NRA facing a second filing for bankruptcy!).

It’s always more karmically divine when such individuals are hoisted by their own petards.


My father told me that he recalls restaurants back in the 1930s and 40s in Alberta that had a sign “we do not serve limeys”. He was rather young then but could not relate the particulars but that area was settled by many East Europeans and from what I could gather it was a form of turnabout.

Here are at least 3 words that are easy to remember because they’ve been hurling them out since the 70s & 80s: Family, Faith, Freedom

I call them their “F” words.

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