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A Lefty’s Guide to Liberty


That’s cool.


Right, the problem is not “messaging.” As if “left” versus “right” is just about branding, about ideas of democracy are just commodities. The fundamental problem is the lack of genuine democracy in the USA.
This lack flows from capitalism, an economic system that produces vast inequality. Economic power means political power. That’s why big corporations rule. We have been sold a bill of goods in the idea that we (the 99%) can have political power w/o economic power.


If the Democratic Party talked about liberty, they might one day be held to that standard. They aren’t going to let that happen. Personally I believe that to be a mistake. The Republicans neo-cons lie with abandon…the bigger the better and look how well that works for them. Today reality is what they claim it is…not what actually happens. Why should the neo-liberals elites not have the same success. They just have to abandon all sense of shame…which for them should be quite easy.


Of course you’re right that most American agree with liberals on issues like gun control, climate change, education, health care… I’d direct you to Frank Bruni’s NYT piece 9/16 where he says liberals need better messengers and are finally getting them with folks like Gillum, Ocasio-Cortez, O’Rourke, Pressley, Abrams… These young leaders have compelling stories and act and sound like the rest of us, instead of know-it-all policy wonks. These folks don’t shrink from the ad hominum attacks of the right, but confidently push a vision of optimism and dignity. These aren’t the liberals who Mort Sahl said were “so tolerant they won’t even take their own side in an argument.” We need these new leaders now.


Exactly. And as Chomsky says, terrorism is everything “they” do, never what the US does. I also like Chomsky’s suggestion, “If you want to end terrorism, stop participating in it.”


There is no left. Just a bunch of whiners who cannot unite to save their very lives. Half just say “vote” as if that does anything.

Just hunker down and take it. Take care of you and yours if you can. If you are young…get out…go to Germany and get a free college education courtesy of a government who doesn’t even care you are not German, Better then being a wage slave to the corporations.