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A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots: Newest Republican tax framework Is What We Knew It Always Would Be—Tax Cuts for the Rich


A Leopard Can’t Change Its Spots: Newest Republican tax framework Is What We Knew It Always Would Be—Tax Cuts for the Rich

Josh Bivens, Hunter Blair

The framework of the Republican tax plan was released today. In recent months, architects of the plan repeatedly promised that they had no “intention” to release a tax plan that disproportionately cut the taxes of the rich.


What is it with this Republican Party?

Are they completely clueless, or just plain Stupid?


If they were “stupid” they might be loosing wealth and power – they’re not.


Democrats and Republicans continue to brag about “bipartisan 1986 tax reform” which was the most recent tax reform on this scale and also the most regressive tax reform in history.

Tax reform has always meant lower taxes for the 1% and their corporations, and higher taxes for the rest of us.


Perhaps 2018 will reflect my statement.


“There are two types of Republicans. Billionaires and suckers.” I stole that from a poster on another site, but it answers a very puzzling question. “Why do ordinary Americans vote for and support repubs?”


“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but rather as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
–Ronald Wright, “A Short History of Progress” (frequently misattributed to John Steinbeck)

And we can count on the corporate media to encourage and nurture that grab-the-brass-ring attitude at every opportunity—in this case, by acts of omission in not educating their audience as to the fine-print details of this plan—because they and their owners stand to benefit.


Yes, because Americans will be so disgusted by them - and we already know they are disgusted with the other party based on their voting and low turnout in 2016 - that they will vote for a 3rd party in 2018.:slight_smile: Not.

Ask the average Rethuglican who they are going to vote for in any election - and they are obviously not going to suddenly switch over to Democrats or Greens or whatever. Ask the average Dumbocrat who they are going to vote for and they are not going to suddenly switch over to Rethugs or Greens or whatever. The only thing that really varies is how many just stay home instead of voting.

Most Americans put their party before their country, or even their own best interests. They are mostly LOTE voters by and large, and they will continue this until the country is completely screwed. Doesn’t matter what “their party” does or does not do, they aren’t going to switch teams or suddenly vote based on their values. That would be logical. Americans are the furthest thing from logical in the known universe.


Exactly. Tax cuts for the rich and corporations, like permanent war, are a standing features of the “bipartisan” Duopoly. And there’s this: there are a number of populist sweeteners in this bill like doubling the standard deduction, doubling the child care credit, eliminating some really bad deductions, etc.

As someone who works and draws partial Social Security (earned over a 50-year and counting worklife), I would personally benefit from this crap, as would millions of others, even as we weather ballooning deficits.

Also, part of the proposal is to cut brackets from five to three in the name of “simplification.” This is a horrible move, but makes sense to a population that can’t count very well and doesn’t understand the meaning of progressive taxation, but only the meme of “tax cuts” and “gimme mine.”

There is a good chance that much of the worst of this will pass under the umbrella of “bipartisanship” with both sides claiming victory for “growing the economy” while tightening the noose of austerity. That’s capitalism as practiced in the good ole USofA.


You and I are in complete agreement about this, Dissent.

At least I can sleep at night knowing that I didn’t vote for the politicians that support the murder of innocents every day.


For the same reason they vote for DLC-Dems. They can’t figure out what else to do (or won’t).


HYPOCRISY -----so the “news” media should be screaming this from the roof tops. And the corporate media come out with a yawn. These republicans have been shutting down the gov and saying the deficit is out of control. Trump said he would not personally gain by this tax reform. Trump has been going on and on with all this BS that his tax reform will help workers.


People better WAKE UP because the rich have been stealing from the common people for decades. This is why there is no money for healthcare and increases to social security. And the richy rich aren’t happy with the billions they have stolen—they want trillions.