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A Lesson Coronavirus Is About to Teach the World

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/19/lesson-coronavirus-about-teach-world


Even as the impact of this outbreak ripples through economies of the world on a scale that cant no be measured, the USA spends 1 trillion plus on its military and continues to engage itself in conflict the world over so as to make things even worse for the peoples of this world.

Germany recently announced it would not participate in those Military games orchestrated by the USA in West Europe which are to be the largest since the end of the Cold war. For the USA there always money for killing people and it full steam ahead.


Bernie has made it very clear to those who would listen to him, the system was broken and corrupt.

He showed us a better way out of the darkness we have inflicted upon ourselves from listening to corrupt politicians for decades, and keeping them in power.

The lesser evil that many use as a justification for voting every four years, has developed into a bottomless pit of putrid political sewage out of which nothing can grow.

Mediocrity has drowned out Bernie’s words of peace and love.

Heaven help us all, especially those blinded by their blind loyalty to the evil they have wrought on us all.


Exactly. CV19 adds no “new focus” on that. It’s been transparent at least since the end of WW2, which is why there were so many real revolutions in the Global South and why that’s where the clearest “focus” remains there today.

The political-economy of capitalism is immutable. It must be removed or it will destroy life for many species in the Biosphere, as we can see it is doing.


May I add “Randianism”(from Ayn Rand) to Reaganism and Thatcherism, both of whom took their philosophies from Rand’s acolytes.
There are no “self-made men”. Everytime I hear or read that phrase, I go into full snark mode and respond…so, you were hatched in a test tube, eh? But…who made the test tube? And watch their heads spin as you add, "And what about your mother, who carried your body for ten lunar months, who spent hours in labor to bring you forth, who nurtured you, changed your dirty diapers. And your father, who played with you. Guess you were raised by robots, brought to term from the test tube in a robot womb. Then…who worked for you? Robots? Who grew your food, made your clothes, cleaned your house…I could go on, but usually they go into a psychotic break.
The final truth, which applies to all beings, is death. We all will die and return to the dust from which our solar system came. Alas, it seems we’ve forgotten that. Actually, American culture denies death, refusing to call it by its true name.


Reminded these days of the “God Will Save Me” as the flood waters rise - story.

Twice now we have had a proper candidate and potential president in Bernie Sanders, but despite the rising waters, twice the American public are turning their backs and opting for “business as usual” neoliberal corporatists.
What can you say? Other than, it looks like things have to get much worse before there is an awakening, and people snap out of the American Dream and stop collectively “sleep-walking to extinction”.


Actually, you totally missed the point. 90% of us (and that’s just guess) have all what you just described yet only a few of us become what’s called selfmade men (or persons if you are offended by the terrm man).
The ones that have entrepreneurial spirit and are willing to take risks. Most of us prefer to live in relative mediocrity and gripe about how unfair life is.
CD had an article a few years ago “Born on Third Base” syndicated from anther site, claiming most self made “persons” were born rich. But once you started dwelling into the statistics that were linked about 75% of millionaires started with less than $100k.
Then again a lot of us don’t even know what a percentage is.

When I was 14 or 15 I read Ayn Rand and told myself “This stuff makes a lot of sense”. I basically worked all my life growing up on the farm and after moving to a city got a paying job while still in school as I thought getting paid for work was just cool.

By the time I was 21 I realized that what she wrote was a load of crap.

Some people remain infantilized all of their lives.


Tulsi just dropped out and endorsed Biden

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You know, the Oligarchy look upon us as being worth nothing. They can work us to death, make us live in the streets, raise the cost of medicine until the poor workman, or his wife and children dies of something. They can always hire another hungry person to work for a pittance until they die.
**Frankly, I think it is time for a national strike. We “worthless” people are the ones who make the Oligarchies’ comfortable lives possible. If we just stay home and shut down the USA until the Oligarchy feels it, perhaps we could turn our nation back into a Constitutional Republic of We the People.
**There are trillion$ available to help feed and clothe We the People, to help rebuild our ecosystem, to provide health care for all, as most of the civilized nations of the world do and have done for decades.
**For some reason, I am visualizing the streets filled with millions of Americans, all carefully marching, or standing, six feet apart, carrying signs pointing out the value of healthcare, homes, decent non-GMO food, supporting the efforts of those possibly sacrificing themselves to care for others. Carrying signs supporting Bernie Sanders and other progressives and decrying the criminal mob bosses and their “D” and “R” sock puppets who are trying to run (and ruin) our lives with the same tactics that Hitler did to Germany, that led to World War 2.
As usual, tRump has done something in his usual manner. He approved a multibillion$ order to provide healthcare for victims of the pandemic, and used a couple of billion$ of that money to buy oil for our strategic reserves, said billion$ of course went to the oil magnates. Some of it goes to bolster the cruise lines and the aircraft makers and airlines. Very little goes to actually helping We the People.
**I watched that Rose Garden charade the other day. They announced, “The president of the United States, accompanied by vice president pence.” They arrived at their podium, with a long line of people following them and lining up behind them. Most of those people looked like the cat who had just swallowed the canary. As tRump’s talk went on and on, we were finally treated to statements from those sated cats. They were CEOs of medical supply companies and wholesale outlets. Costco, Bartells, Walmart and others, all of whom had just received huge grant$ of our taxe$ with tRumps latest. About the same time, news was out that tRump was trying to buy an antivirus remedy, developed by a German scientist, to be the sole property of tRump’s New Reich. Germany said NO! Apparently, tRump’s minions are continuing to search for a cure they can buy and sell for a huge profit. Like Insulin, it will not be affordable to We the People, just to the wealthy who can afford extortionate prices.
**C’mon, folks, We the People can turn this around, if we just Wake Up and Act!
**God bless you all. Try to stay healthy, and work for change. We’re about out of chances.


Media (corporate oligarchs) tore him down, battered him to death. Bernie will rise and continue his fight which is policy driven and the people love those policies in record numbers. Bernie and we the people will have to participate in HUGE numbers. Hold the oligarch politicians feet to the fire. But with Biden we made just get Trump for another four years but again will hold my nose and vote for Biden.


Agree to disagree with you. In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when I grew up corporations were community based and workers were rewarded for their good job. I always believed that those who took the risk deserved a higher profit/salary but NOT THE DECADENT SALARIES THEY MAKE TODAY.

NO ONE DESERVES 130 BILLION, 1 BILLION IS 1,000 MILLION. Many of those today only pushed paper and delivered for war machinery, health industry not care, moved their endeavors off shore and left the workers unemployed and made billions off slave labor.

We need to bring our manufacturing home and produce what we need and buy from other nations what we don’t have on hand. NOT try to take it militarily from the people of the other nations. ENOUGH


Agreed with that.

And we do not take anything militarily. All our military adventures in the 21st century were losers. Some idiots decided they can civilize religious zealots living in the middle ages and went for it.

Also, yes some do deserve 1 mil 20 billion. They mostly came up with revolutionary ideas that increased the comfort, safety whatever of our society, and some employ 10s of thousands of people. I know i haven’t done squat. How about you?

That is hard to believe. If true, then it just reinforces when radicals say that even the most “progressive” Democratic candidate is corrupt.

Even CD is carrying this story now

Well, they also made OUR comfortable lives possible

A lesson the GREED CAPITALISTS will never accept or honor.

WONDERFUL POST, PB! Thank you!!!


Bernie does not fit that model…for whatever good it is doing.

Will there be another chance ? I doubt it.

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